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Why own a gun that you don't shoot?

I've always been curious why I'll see guns in the ads being sold that haven't ever been shot. I get not shooting older relic's if the cost to repair isn't worth someone doing. I'm talking about the 4-5 year old gun that has sat in a safe for it's entire life, yet hasn't been shot...What am I missing?


I've always been curious why I'll see guns in the ads being sold that haven't ever been shot. I get not shooting older relic's if the cost to repair isn't worth someone doing. I'm talking about the 4-5 year old gun that has sat in a safe for it's entire life, yet hasn't been shot...What am I missing?
Collector's gonna collect.
I own quite a number of NiB firearms. I used to pick things up when I could get better than good pricing through sales, rebates or both. Some day those may be pressed into service for use in defending not only my land, but the land of my neighbors that share a mutual property line with me. If not by me, then by my heirs. In my view, being prepared often means having something but not needing it.

Or, the short answer: 'cuz I can.


I’ve bought and sold just to flip for cash on a highly sought after item.

I’ve traded into another gun that I didn’t need that was easier to sell than the gun I started out with.

I collect guns I foresee to have value and will appreciate.

I’ve bought guns to be used with silencers, to only get tired of waiting and sold to free up funds.

Just a few examples.

I shoot a lot of others. I don’t always keep all of them. Some I don’t even shoot.

I don’t chase the game as much as I used to, but I still enjoy a good flip or two if possible.
Because I'm not desperate enough for the money to knowingly take a loss. With the introduction of transfer fees, a lot of "profit" has dried up. So I just enjoy simply having them, even if I haven't and probably won't ever shoot them. Heck, one gun I bought from a member just because he was hard up for cash and dropped his price 3 times in one day. Almost a year later, never inserted a mag
Number of guns owned >> free time available to shoot said guns.

If I come across a new-in-box condition firearm like this



or this



and I have one or more of the same or similar model in less pristine condition that will give me the same shooting experience, I don't feel the need to shoot the pretty ones. I can have my cake and eat it too. I have the pretty ones to fondle and admire, and their less pretty sisters to have my way with and use for my enjoyment. :p

As Benjamin Franklin said when referring to women "as in the dark all Cats are grey", shooting a S&W K-frame or 1911 or K98k or M1 Carbine is pretty much the same from one example to another. I don't have to shoot every single one I have, even if I had time to do that, which I don't. I find the ones that shoot the best and the others are for admiring and collecting.

Besides, I don't think shooting .30-06 out of that little FN-made Browning Mauser carbine above would be much fun, so I would ruin its NIB condition for a not-so-fun shooting experience. If I want to shoot .30-06 out of a bolt action rifle I would rather shoot one of my M1917s, M1903s, or 03-A3s. Still, it's a joy just to own something so nice.

EDIT: only in America are we blessed to be able to have more guns than we have time to shoot. Gun owners or those who would like to be gun owners who live in other countries can only dream of having our "problem".
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You do it because you can do it.

So why not?

Here in yUK, some county police forces - they are the people who issue our Firearms certificates - want to see use. One county wants to have evidence that a gun is shot at least six times per year, although there is absolutely ZERO requirement in law to say that. I have nineteen guns, and shooting each of them at least six times a year would likely require for me to live at the range.....

Might not be such a bad idea, in fact....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...............................


You buy something you like. You have too many projects or guns on hand to buy ammo for all of them so they dont get shot. Limited money for ammo. Ive sold quite a few unfired guns. It happens. My 1903 and m1 current i never shot and am going to be selling. Sometimes its just plain low level guilt. I dont take these out enough and they just sit there someone else out there probably has more time and love to give em.
Or someguns you feel differently after actually getting one. The g3’s/ cetmes seem awesome but after having had a version, i realised ide rather just shoot an m14 it feels better.
Or some guns you buy just because the deal is so good then you end up with a gun thats not the actual model or version you want thats cheap and ya never even touch it.

Basically what im saying is i have a problematic indecisive firearm addiction and i cant make up my mind.

After building a custom ar308 choosing every single compenent i want, i looked at an lmt and realised “why didnt i just buy this it does everything” lol
Right now, my local Cabelas has a Ruger AR with a multitude of goodies from a free floating barrel to a 4.5 trigger, great grips, a stock with a cheekrest I admire for half what I paid for my Colt LE6920's.

I'm tempted to buy one.

Do I 'need' one?

No, but holy/moly such a deal...I could buy if for myself or give it to my daughter for Christmas...


I have a Colt Single action in 44spl
that my grandfather gave me.. its never been shot. 30-40 years old, still has zip-tie behind the hammer.

Ill never sell it, Ill die before its taken from me.. but I have a hard time bringing myself to cut that tie off and actually shoot it. 30+ years unfired in mint condition is a tough bullet to bite.

Its the only firearm I own that Ive never shot. I tell myself that once I have enough space for a reloading room, Ill then be able to load 44spl and make it cost effecting and worth finally shooting that colt.

Aero Denezol

Sometimes I see a deal too good to pass up, or something old in great condition that I know I may never find again. Rather than lose sleep over it, I just buy it.

The truth is, I'm so far behind on all my shooting projects, a new gun could sit in the safe for months before ever seeing the range. Sometimes, if it doesn't get shot after a while, I may sell it, never having once shot it.


Remember when you could get an SKS and a case/crate of ammo for $100? Sometimes the only way to get more ammo was to purchase another one of those cheap POS commie rifles so you stacked em deep and just set them aside for when the first one broke........

Or those 7.62x25 cheapie pistols that were fun and cheap to shoot or those 7.62x54 short loud rifles or those only damaged from knocking off the snow on your boots Swiss weird bolt ones or how about those old commie couldn't hit a barn with semi autos. Lots of those still packed in greasy messssssy crap around here and never fired and NO I don't want to sell any........:p

Shooting isn't that big of a deal for me I just walk out the door, I have quite a few others around the safes but still haven't shot em yet. My son is going to be in for a surprise when I die........LOL



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