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    I know a lot of people do not like the store and complain about them. Well I seem to like some of the things they do and have. So here is my story:laugh: The wife wanted to take back a few clothes the kids did not want yesterday and so we went to Dicks ( I know ban them for not selling ARs anymore) as she purchased them there. Well wile she was returning them of coarse I had to hit the gun section. Nothing good to look at but what caught my eye was a 14 gun Stack On cabinet for 169.99. I really need something for ammo in the garage as the safe is overflowing. So long story short I went into the 82nd av Wholesale Sports and talked with the manager and he matched the price of 169.99. Ther price at WS 219.99:huh: Talk about a mark up. And yes if you look there prices are higher on a lot of stuff but they have the (well did have) best handgun collection to look at.

    So end of story I will still shop there but just check prices. I know Bi Mart was 5 bucks less a 1lb on powder the other day.

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