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Who does great stock work?

OK, my friends, I have a new wacky project in mind (have to kill the time until Los Federales approve the rattle-gun, giggle). I should not be too specific because I had not yet won the auction, though I am currently highest bidder. Suffice it to to say, it involves a Spanish Destroyer carbine in 9x23㎜ Largo, which, if acquired, would be threaded for a silencer (I know a good gunsmith), metal cleaned up (this guy can do), and (why I am asking) the stock rehabilitated to a glorious state.

On that score, can anyone recommend a specialist with stock work? Many thanks. :)
I only know one guy around here that has rehabilitated old junky stocks. Made them beautiful and stable for another 100 years..
We may be thinking of the same hombre. I have it on good authority he does amazing work, at stunningly good rates. :s0155:
It's not me, is it? :D
LOL, no, different gentleman.

This is the little "pew" (to use my four year old son's expression), I'm bidding on:


If nothing else else, you guys know how much I like large pistol caliber carbines. And so does my beloved, and she shoots them, (hell she was the one the planted a boot in my backside to buy a submachine-gun), but this side adventure is, at the present, my own.
Just don’t let him juxtapose the stocks and accidentally put my Hello Kitty project stock on your carbine. :eek:
Haha, I just enjoyed a most spirited, and funky, evening with my beloved. She does not like pink, in any context. I made a passing reference to new carbine idea, but she waved it off, because, I suspect, this is no matter to her. So my present antics may, as with a few other projects, escape under the radar. (On the other hand, she was most forthright, to the point of the piercing eyes, on going to southwest. Who knows, my friends, we all have our own paths.)
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Damn it. I was outbid at the last minutes and lost this one for less than four bucks over my top bid. :mad:

Oh well. This is no worry; I was taking care of family this evening, so a little bit away from the computer, on and off. Will try again some other time. :s0155:
Last edited:
Probably just clean it up. Not too concerned about originality. And knowing my proclivities, it will be threaded for a silencer, because as paternal grandmother would oft say, "silence is golden". Well, if I win this one; we'll see. :)
I took a strategic step; upped the max bid by two C-notes. Hopefully this will forestall a sneaky-pants who comes in and bids an extra four bucks in the last 15 minutes. :s0112:



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