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I hunt the general season western buck rifle hunt. usually the coast range, & always west of I-5. I used to haul a ton of gear with me, but over the years I have whittled it down quite a bit. I am pretty familiar with the areas I hunt at this stage of my life, but still believe I could get lost, or have to spend the night. this is what I pack with me in the little fanny pack at the top of the pic. the bottom row is what I carry on my body. I post this thread to help new guys out with what they might consider taking other than the obvious= rifle, binos, & ammo, & appropriate clothing.
feel free to critique or add glaring omissions that should be included, or share pictures of your kit., Mike.
In the picture from the top, emergency poncho, bandanna,spare sling,folding knife with combo guthook/saw,couple powerbars,another belt-sling,small pouch of aspirin-medicine,spare compass,wind checker,flagging tape,spare sling swivel,spare batts,chapstick,lighters&waterproof matches,emergency blanket,flashlite,firesticks. last row=GPS,canteen,compass,leatherman,blue shop towels.
some things I see missing are a few plastic freezer bags for the heart/liver, & a bore snake if I stuff my barrel.
Its a simple small black bag that loops through my belt. I got it at an army surplus store. my goal was to trim down my gear enough to fit in the bag.
agreed! I must have misplaced it. Mine had a little compass on one side, & a thermometer on the other. pretty handy.
For deer mine has a little less for elk more. One thing I would do is get a platy bag over the canteen I don't like the noise they make when they swish.

I also prefer a head lamp vs a flash light its easier to walk hands free or dress a animal. Why the extra swivel? Other than that it looks good except for the missing toilet paper:p
what is a platy bag? I broke a swivel on a hunt once. for the space a spare takes, never again without. blue towel is my TP.
First off how are you going to get the slinky bore snake down your barrel if it is plugged?

I would add a pair of Mechanix gloves, NAPA $18,
for fire starter I cut several strips of %100 cotton rag one inch wide, smear vaseline on it and roll it up store in a ziplock. When lit in my yard it burned for over 20 minutes. If that doesn't work the 15 minute fusee in the bottom of my pack will light anything.

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