What make of gun is in this womans hand?


Nice pistol, my father had one of these, poor accuracy beyond 5-7 yards(with the one we had), but it did fire every time the trigger was pulled.
In a way they’re better than the “ring of fire” guns in that at least they’re made of steel rather than pot metal. The big fault is that they’re reputedly VERY unsafe to carry with a loaded chamber. For me it’s just a neat novelty that’s very evocative of the time and place it came from.


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If I may be excused for a longish story about a "budget gun"....

I am reminded of a gun show a while ago , when I took my daughter , who at that time was around 15 or so....
She really liked the phrase P.O.S
"Cause she was a kid and they like that sorta thing...:D

Like I said she was 15 or so...and used that phrase a lot....to describe many things which she thought were sub-par.

There we were at the gun show....having fun and looking around at all the guns and such.
We were also looking for a "grouse gun" for her....

I hear from down the aisle ...
"Hey dad...I found a neat shotgun."
So down I go...and get to the table where she is at...

She asks the vendor if she can pick up the shotgun....
He say "yes"...
She holds it....looks at it...carefully sets it to her shoulder....pointing it
( Away from anyone , no fingers on the triggers...:D )

She hands it to me ...
And says ..."What do you think..?"

I check out the shotgun...
While she looks on...then suddenly starts trying her best not to laugh....
I look at her...She points to the name of the gun...
P.O.S.... :eek: as in Pride Of Spain....:D

That is a fun memory.


They can. [But they apparently have the taste of an ashtray.]
This is what concerns me the most.

While the McCloskeys' are being heralded as 'heros', defenders of their property etc. is great - I understand this but have their guns ever been fired? What LGS sold the McCloskeys' this POS Jimenez? Were these guns complete 'panic' purchases based on whatever they could find at the time?
Did they have ANY experience with firearms at at all?

I am not passing judgement but the bottom line is the McCloskeys' were incredibly LUCKY. If the mob had decided to take them in a general flail I'll bet not a shot would have been fired and they would have been disarmed, beaten in short order and their guns taken.

It's obvious they have no understanding of basic defense, were not utilizing any cover or concealment and not displaying any proper firearm handling even in an open, non-concealed environment.
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Ever see Demo Ranch try to destroy a dozen of them with every barrel obstruction you could imagine?

I will never laugh at a HP ever again.
I have to say I have never wanted one of their hand guns, have often said if it was all I could have, would beat nothing. Now that video was amazing. Looking at what it took to make one fail.


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Cerberus Training Group - Skill Builder
Cerberus Training Group
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Cerberus Training Group
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