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Not glocks, but gucci glocks and especially pistols with RMR sights that arent for competition use. Some guys have them on daily carry firearms..

KSG and other bullpup style pump action shotguns.. Im amazed more people haven't accidently blown their hand off.. The barrel basically meets the end of the forearm and pump action bar.. one poorly timed shot or slip up.. goodbye support hand. That being said they are innovative and do look cool.
Ruger 10/22, .................Start the Hate, .........for the life of me, I cannot figure out why these are so popular, there are many others that are far more accurate, far more reliable, and far better looking, and yet, the little Ruger is MAGA popular! A whole cottage industry spring up to this, devoted to making the littlest Ruger shoot better then it ever did, but WHY? Having seen people dropping THOUSANDS on parts and accessories, and it's "Just" a .22, I just don't get it!
Don't own one huh? We might be the only two gun lovers that don't!

I had a 23 at one time, it just sucked and there was no other reason to keep it. I think I just bought the worst model they make? I have thought about a 19 or 17 whatever the full size one is? But then came to my senses and asked myself why? In that price range there are lots of good choices.
Any pocket mouse guns. Like the LCP and others. I don't get it. They are miserable to shoot, most folks BARELY ever do shoot them but are completely comfortable carrying them. I think a persons EDC should be the gun they shoot the best. And the most.

And the 10/22. Or any other .22lr gun. It's a lousy caliber for most anything "real".
Does your shirt read "Nobody needs an AR15? Nobody NEEDS a whiny little b***h either yet here you are!" ? If so I got the same in a hoodie!!! LOL
That's EXACTLY what it reads! :s0140:

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