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what do you think about the Diamondback DB380

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by x1hunter89, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. x1hunter89

    x1hunter89 gresham oregon Active Member

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    for concealed carry? i am reading reveiws and they say eject problems and trigger reset problems is this true? i have 350 to spend on a concealed an would like a 380 ideas are welcome as far as other models go thanks
  2. chowser2

    chowser2 seaside Member

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    i got the db 9mm, it is about the same size. the gun looks like it is based off a glock design. however if you look really close the only thing it has in common with the glock is how the slide is removed from the frame. (and the sfety feature that prevents the gun from shooting unless the trigger is pulled (the plunger)

    I bought this gun thinking it would be a perfect ccw. During the break in it has some very awkward failure to feeds and failure to ejects. some so bad that it took 2 people to clear the gun. now I am assuming the two guns are made the same just different sizes (i have never looked at a db380)

    After about 3 hundred round break in. the gun has fired the next 500 rounds without any problems. after those 500 rounds I was dead set this was gonna be my new conceal carry.

    one day after I cleaned it I put in a few snap caps into and was trying to get more trigger time, and inspecting the gun for any flaws that may make it malfunctions. What I found was that when the gun strips the round form the clip it does not grab the bullet and the bullet actually jumps out of the clip and sits on top of the mag fro a brief moment before it gets rammed forward into the chamber. a couple times the round actually bounce out of the clip high enough for the slide to go forward and pinch the round between the top of the barrel and slide and did not get chambered.

    Also when the extractor grabs the round, the round still has some up and down play, when the extractor has a hold of the round you can slide the round up and down a on the slide few mm. If it slides too high it will not chamber, also you have to drop the clip and hold the slide back with one hand while putting something under the bullet o pry it off to get it to come out (this is where another person comes in handy, as there is not slide lock and it is a pain to hold the slide open with one hand while trying to pry the bullet out.

    even after all this I was thinking well this could be a flaw but I have not had any misfires, failure to feeds, or failure to ejects in over 500 rounds, so it should be fine right/

    up until this point i have been shooting lots of junk fmj and reloads from random gunshot peeps.

    Now it was time to see which hollow points it like the best and make sure the cycled perfectly I planed to test another 200 rounds after I found out which ones worked best,

    failure to feed,failure to feed,failure to feed,failure to feed,failure to feed,failure to feed,failure to feed,failure to feed,failure to feed,failure to feed,failure to feed,

    every 20 or shots I would fire a shell would bounce around and not make it clear of the slide.

    just like during the break in, the round would pop up out of the mag and the flat part of the hollow point would get caught and not feed the round.

    went back to fmj, and have not had any problems

    this was just my experience, take it for what it is worth, (not a lot) there are lots of stories on the internet that say there gun runs perfect with no problems
  3. MarkAd

    MarkAd Port Orchard Well-Known Member

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    I suggest the Bersa Thunder, unless you want a pocket gun.
  4. x1hunter89

    x1hunter89 gresham oregon Active Member

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    im looking for something not too small pocket guns but not to big but must be reliable i dont feel this is to reliable to be honest any other ideas of good concealed carry guns?
  5. stmcelroy

    stmcelroy Madras, OR Well-Known Member

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    My DB380 and DB9 are running great at this time and I really enjoy shooting both of them. The DB9 is my primary pocket gun when the pocket allows it.

    Other .380 pocket guns that I would recommend are the Ruger LCP, Kahr P380 and Sig P238.