I have a Weaver K10 AO(?) that I inherited along with my grandfather's 1950 Remington 721 300 H&H. My question is how do I go about sighting it in? The scope looks straight, no dings or blemishes and seems as if nearly everything is in decent working order, bore and barrel are straight on rifle. The story I was told about it is that my grandfather bought the setup in the early 50's and put 5 rounds through it and set it on a shelf (a few years after his death my grandmother even produced a vintage box of Western Super X 300 Holland & Holland Magnum silvertips with 5 spent cartridges). My problem is that I can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn at 50 yds with the scope on. The distance ring on the end of the scope is graduated from 50 ft to 1000 yds. The only thing I have noticed wrong with the scope is the distance ring does not want to fully adjust and I don't want to force it. Any help would be appreciated.
It sights in just like any other scope. The Adjustable Objective is to eliminate (reduce) parallax. (Google is your friend for a good description of that.)

Set the dial to the distance you are shooting, more or less. Then, adjust the turrets to bring your shots where you want them. You can boresight first - set the firearm on the bench, remove the bolt, and, arrange it so you see some object looking through the barrel. Then, adjust the turrets to bring the crosshairs in line with what you see. You'll at least be close. Chances are that's already been done but it is a quick check. Who knows what's happened in all those years.

The more you move the AO ring, the more it will loosen up. It isn't unusual for an old Weaver to be difficult to turn. Some of then were really ugly when cold.

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