WAC show at Monroe this weekend???

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by supergenius, Mar 8, 2010.

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    Shop for a new Compact CC piece (still in the air as to if ima keep with the 40 program or go with a 9 for cheaper ammo...)

    Wire folder for a Romy
    Quick release sidemount scope mount for Romy (Have the non quick release

    .40 cal bulk ammo for the Baby Eagle
    7.62 ammo to add to the pile
    ammo for whatever I buy this weekend

    To get rid of...

    solid Poly AK stock
    NEW A4 style collapsable AK stock
    Non quick release style 2 rail AK sidemount for ROMY
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    have fun up at monroe.your going to fight like hXXX to see anything.
    it's going to be in the (other building):( so i'm not going. i walk with a caine and trying to get through the isles is nearly impossible.
    last time i was nailed in the knee with a full ammo can a old guy had. he was walking by and just got me.i just about beat him with my caine.
    then if you need a bathroom you have to walk from that building all the way down to the other one to use one. seem the staff don't want to share the ones at the building where the show is:rolleyes::nuts:

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