WA, OR get low marks from Brady Campaign

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Dave Workman, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Dave Workman

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    Oh, the humanity!

    WA earns low gun law score from Brady Campaign

    The Evergreen State is hardly a fit place to live due to its apparently weak gun laws, which – along with neighboring Oregon – earned only a paltry 15 points out of a possible 100-point perfect score, according to the Brady Campaign’s 2011 State Scorecard rankings…

    WA earns low gun law score from Brady Campaign - Seattle gun rights | Examiner.com
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  2. deadeye

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    Seems to me that the best places to live according to them also have the highest crime rates Hmmmmm. Maybe all the anti gunners should move to those cesspools and leave the rest of us alone.
  3. Cougfan2

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    Means we're doing something right.
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  4. Redcap

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    I couldn't agree with you more!
  5. drew

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    If I was looking to move to another state, I would use their rankings to avoid those high crime cesspools and be able to legally maintain possession of my firearms. The states the Brady Campaign loves so much would consider me a felon upon entry because of my guns.

    I'm happy we continue to receive a decent score. I hope we can approach a perfect 0 point score.
  6. A.I.P.

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    Mrs Brady put this paper bag over your head so I can look at you,,, here is another bag,,,ahhh this aint working
  7. Morpheus

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    Definitely a test I don't mind my state failing.
  8. BSG 75

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    Both Washington and Oregon still ended up tied (along with Colorado) for 15th place out of 50 states for the "strongest" gun laws, so we aren't that far down the list. In other words, 33 states scored better (or worse according to Brady) than we did as far as gun laws. Alaska, Arizona, and Utah did far better (worse according to Brady) than we did, tied for first (last according to Brady) place.

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    We need to work harder to reach the top of the Bradys most hated progun state.:bluelaugh:
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  10. Bigfoot

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    Woo hoo. Go NW. :cheer: Go NW.
  11. kenno

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    Dennis Henigan is Insane
    Posted on February 24, 2012 by Robert Farago

    The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is the most media-friendly of gun control organizations. If you’re a journalist writing a story about a someone who got shot, just ring up Director of Communications Caroline Brewer (202-289-5769) and you’ll have a “lax gun laws are to blame” stat and quote to end your piece before you put down the phone. Here’s one closing out today’s Seattle Times story Documents: Boy got gun during visit with mother . . .

    Vidieo: Dennis Henigan is Insane | The Truth About Guns
    In the latest rating by the Brady Campaign, a national gun control advocacy group, Washington scored no points in the child safety category.

    “Washington state is a loosely regulated state when it comes to firearms,” said Gregory Roberts, executive director of Washington Cease Fire, a Brady Campaign affiliate.

    Of course, that’s local angle stuff—tacked onto a story from the AP about “a 9-year-old boy who brought a gun to a Washington state elementary school, wounding a young classmate when the gun accidentally went off.” You know “discharged from his backpack.” For some reason, the DA wants to blame the child rather than the gun. Go figure. Sarcasm off.

    I digress. My main point: The Brady Campaign gets an inordinate amount of metaphorical ink despite the fact that its leader, one Dennis Henigan, has had a messy reality divorce.

    Normally, Dennis hides his semi-psychotic break with dubious stats and vague proposals. Today’s he’s broken cover to reveal to the world—well the Huffington Post—his relatively fragile mental state or, more charitably, his org’s latest gun control agenda.

    The intel comes from a HuffPo post entitled Calderon’s Billboard of Crime Guns, and What It Means. Dennis is riffing on the less-than-entirely-professional-looking “No More Weapons” billboard recently erected by the Mexican government on the U.S. border (click here for TTAG’s take):

    The solution to gun trafficking to Mexico is also the solution to gun trafficking within the U.S.: stronger federal gun laws. [Their emphasis] At the very least, high-firepower assault weapons and assault clips should be banned, background checks should be required for all gun sales, uniform limits should be placed on bulk sales of handguns, and greater authority should be given to federal law enforcement to shut down the dealers who aid and abet the traffickers.

    See what I mean? “Background checks should be required for all gun sales.” Like they aren’t now? You will also note that the gun grabbers’ champion has moved from a jihad against poorly defined “assault weapons” to a call for a complete ban on “high firepower assault weapons” (following-up on the transition from “high-capacity magazines” to “assault clips”).

    It’s also well worth recognizing that The Brady Veep has transitioned from supporting an executive order (held up in the courts) requiring 8500 or so border state gun dealers to report multiple long gun sales within 24 hours of purchase, to “uniform” limits on “bulk sales of handguns.”

    Pardon my internetese, but WTF does that mean? What is a “bulk sale”? When did handguns become the central issue in America’s inherently leaky government-approved arms sales to the Mexican military and police? Sorry. I mean, [alleged] U.S. gun store collusion with Mexican gun smugglers?

    Meanwhile, you’ll also excuse me if the vague phrase “greater authority” combined with the words “federal law enforcement” scare the you-know-what out of me.

    Let’s talk tunnel vision. Hennigan’s gun control polemic completely ignores the fact that the feds already tried to stem the so-called “Iron River” of guns flowing from U.S. gun stores to Mexican drug thugs. You know; Fast and Furious. Just for fun, let’s call the ATF’s “botched sting” Uncle Sam’s “path of least resistance” plan.

    For gun traffickers, there should be no more “path of least resistance” from American gun shops to Mexico, or to American cities and towns. Trafficking of assault weapons and handguns out of American gun shops is not just a Mexican tragedy. It is an American tragedy as well.

    See what I did there? I wonder if Mr. Henigan will catch that, displaying as he does a genuine talent for seeing what he wants to see, and completely ignoring the rest.

    Here’s the real American tragedy: advocates who address an important issue like gun rights without putting forward anything remotely resembling a coherent argument. And the fact that media gives these illogical intelligentsia air time.
  12. daiello91

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    GOOD! Means we're doing something right. bubblegum Brady Campaign!
  13. SteveXKR


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    Amazing how all the places with the most restrictive rules etc have most crime..

    I can't stand the brady campaign - everything that they don't like and has no business being a law is considered a 'loophole' or a sign of evil
    Shall-Issue? LoopHole
    No license required to buy ammo? Loophole
    No Background check on private sales? Loophole
    no Long-Gun Registration - Loophole!
    Scary plastic looking rifle? Evil!
    10+ Rounds? Evil!
    Any rifle post 1950's? Evil Assault Rifle!
    Any rifle pre 1950? Still evil..

    They are like the freakin' Nazi's making their little lists so that when they finally get what they want and outlaw everything 'evil' they know where to go knocking...

    I guess the only good thing they have done is that if I ever want to move to another state, I can look at their stats and figure out what to avoid based on their rankings lol
  14. mat33

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    This is a very useful resource on opposite day. We need to work on workplace and bar carry in our race to the top/bottom. Then, if we implement constitutional carry and make it valid for non-residents, that's three points extra credit.

    They could, uh, improve the system with some criteria for NFA items. OR definitely deserves points over WA for that.
  15. lowly monk

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    Thats a girl!
  16. GuyBMeredith

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    Awww... Es tut mir leid.
  17. NotherGunGuy

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    It's like golf- the lower the score, the better. Let's go for a hole-in-one!

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