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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by pokerace, May 17, 2011.

  1. pokerace

    pokerace Newberg Well-Known Member

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    `vote now no more tax.....
  2. WhyteCheddar

    WhyteCheddar East of Moscow by the Willamette Well-Known Member

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    No measures on my ballot this time around.
    But I really hate all the school board etc... elections. These are very important positions and there is very little known about a whole lot of folks running for the position. All you see in the voters pamplet is what they want you to see.
    IMHO common sense really takes a hit when some of these folks obtain school board seats and ESC directorships...for 4 years!
  3. MA Duce

    MA Duce Central Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Not my district, but after watching the endless stream of commercials dealing with the PDX bond, I can't help but wonder who allowed those buildings to get in that condition??. Peeling paint and falling tiles can be dealt with with proper periodical maintenance, asbestos abatement should be addressed when asbestos is discovered. Leaky roofs are repairable. My wife and I use an apartment in Paris near a school which is over 350 years old. If the schools can't maintain the buildings they have, where is the sense in dumping good money after bad???
  4. elsie

    elsie Way over there on the left Well-Known Member

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    Fairly simple explanation; they probably had considered funding for maintenance but it got diverted to various programs and compensation packages. When politicians and special interests look at budgets all they see is a big bucket of money that they feel entitled to (100% of it). The problem of maintaining anything is pushed off because they figure they can just tap the taxpayers whenever they feel like it.