Vintage 7x Rifle Scope, United, Made in Japan

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    Found this one day and been hanging onto it for a long time, thought i'd put it out there:

    A United Binoculars 7x Fixed Rifle Scope, made in Japan

    - 11.75" long
    - 1" Tube
    - Blue front lens
    - Fully working focus, elevation and windage (missing the screw-off cover for the windage knob)
    - comes with weaver "Very high" rings
    - Crosshair (+) style
    United's supposed to be a high-end-for-its-time optics company, produced between the 60's and 80's.
    A guy on ebay's selling his 9x version he used in vietnam for nearly $500. dunno if he's crazy or right, but I don't know much about the company, but it appears to be a high quality scope.
    (old friend of mine at Big 5 said it was comparable to some of the scopes he had in stock)
    Make me an offer.
    Looking for:
    Ammo (7.62x54R, 9mm, .25)
    Depending on value:
    9mm Rugers
    M91/30 rifles
    maybe a 30-30, shoot some ideas.

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