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i got my truck stuck in the river once. long story. my 36” tires were buried. it took a 10,000lb winch ran to my truck, back to the other truck and back to my truck to get it out of there. ive also winched a 1984 toyota pickup straight up a tree once just because!
I think that silly video only tested the stretch-ability of various pull straps. When they went the back lash was quite great. But ... even a small winch type steel cable can contain considerable stored energy when something lets go ... be it the straps, hooks, buckles or even the cable itself.

Considering how stupid some young folks can be that video should still be required watching before using a winch out in the woods. There are many good videos available on the internet showing how bad snapped cables can be. Not suitable for all audiences. Be careful. Think safety. :)
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