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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by wjv, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Has "no weapons, even with a permit" posted in their code of conduct.

    Doesn't seem legal to me as this is an official City of Vancouver community center with gyms, swimming, exercise areas. They do offer programs for kids, but it is NOT a school.

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    I think that's why.
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    Please won't someone think of the children!!!

    Horse pucky; it's because of uninformed people who fail to understand that we are not a threat.
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    Since it's in the "Code of Conduct" that you agree to abide by when you use the facilities they could ask you to leave, only if you refuse can they have you arrested for trespassing. But it's not a violation of any weapons law to have a weapon there.

    The City of Vancouver does a lot of things against guns that aren't legal. The seem to think the "Cherry" ruling means they can ignore state preemption, which works till someone stands up to them.

    One city attorney even stated that guns were illegal in city parks in an article in The Columbian.

    There was an open carry picnic in Ester Short Park a while ago and there were no arrests that I know of.

    The city even posted Jim Parsley Community Center as no guns. The law allows schools used exclusively for school functions to be posted as off limits but the Parsley center is used by the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Free Clinic of SW Washington, and the Vancouver School District Foundation. These are not "school functions" even though in a building owned by the school district.

    Lots of places like this that are illegally posted.

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