Value of a "Pre-ban" AR lower

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Silver Fox, May 10, 2010.

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    I am thinking of parting out my Pre-ban AR (yes it is on Bushmasters list of serial number ranges that qualify it as a Pre-Ban) and am curious about its estimated value.

    I also have several Pre-ban AR mags I am selling off, any idea on the mags? Most are Colt and some are Sanchez.

    For those of you out there that are asking "WTF does it matter?", well my friend, there are other states that have it worse than us in the PNW and this weapon and my other "pre-bans" would be worth more in those states.

    Thanks for your help.

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    its not like when it was a national ban but people in ban states will pay more for a preban enough to make it worth shipping a copy of you DL to their FFL

    you have a bushmaster so people in CT can buy it for some reason they don't allow colts so more than likly your sale will be from some one in CT i belive they require FFL to FFL sales there.

    New york state not city can buy colt prebans

    some states have bans that don't allow prebans coming in such as CA.

    a preban lower here in the northwest may only be worth $300 but worth $600 + in a ban state

    but you have to keep in mind there are some ethics when pricing as you would be taking advantage of someone living in a oppressed state some guys will sell for normal prices with very little tacked on for effort and or to recoop a little from there own lose of buying during the national ban to guys in ban states because they feel its the right thing to do but on the other hand there are dealers that will buy cheap and mark up to buyers in those states.

    i recently sold a colt lower i paid $800 for during the ban for $640 colt lowers even in free states can sell for up $500 and mine had all the a2 enhancements. which was rare for pre 94s so he got a pretty good deal and i got more for it than i may have got locally.

    i have seen guys sell preban olys and essential arms for that price so a preban bushie or Eagle would probably bring in a top preminum

    as far as mags if they have dates they are worth more as people are leary of non dated and excepts colts are only worth what a new mag is worth pleanty of guys out there willing to sale preban mags for $10 to replace with new pmags or tef coated mags
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    price depends if the company is listed on a given states ban list... which means it's banned anyway. I sold an Olympic Arms preban for 500 to a guy in CT as Oly isn't on the list of banned companies. Some companies (like Colt for example) are listed on a state's ban list and regardless if it's preban, the state says no-go from bringing it into the state afterwards. Yeah, you can argue when it was brought in but ultimately you're breaking the law, even if the law if completely asinine. So, check if Bushmaster is one of the banned mfgs, and you'll then know.

    Again, my Oly lower (complete, btw) sold for 500 about 5 years ago in CT. (btw, they lined up to get that lower at that price but i couldn't bare to ask for more)


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