US cities as bad as deadliest 3rd World countries

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    "The U.S. may have the highest level of gun ownership in the world, but its rate of gun homicides is only about three per 100,000.

    Gun homicides in the United States are concentrated in major urban areas. And those cities, typically Democratic strongholds with the most stringent gun control laws in the nation, have gun murder rates that rival those of the most violent countries in the world."

    U.S. cities as bad as deadliest 3rd World countries

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    The homicide number that I use for the US at large is a little higher, 4.8 per 100k, because "gun homicide" as a concept is ridiculous. There are two sides to the murder stats from those rathole inner cities: they're horrendous, and they unfairly distort the apparent danger for those of us who live in the other 95% of the country.

    Compare El Paso, TX and Edmonton, Alberta homicide rates, and then talk to me about creative use of statistics. Is Canada really five times more deadly than Texas?

    It's also not fair to compare stats from cities with those from countries. It's true that "Nawlens" is as bad as it gets (49 murders per 100k) and it compares unfavorably with some pretty awful countries (Venezuela? Ivory Coast?), but it's also true that if you compare cities in in the US with cities in those countries - well, there's no comparison!

    San Pedro de Sula, Honduras: 159/100k
    Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: 148/100k
    Those murder rates are probably underreported, too.

    List of countries by intentional homicide rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    List of cities by murder rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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