Typical slide wear on a Glock 22?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by james83, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. james83

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    Hi everyone,

    Just a question about the regular kind of slide wear you can expect to see on a Glock pistol.

    I got a Glock 22 in a trade with a forum member here so firstly let me say this is not a complaint or anything like that, Im just generally curious about the type of wear you can expect to see on a older more used Glock.

    This G22 has obviously been carried and fired alot by previous owners, It has holster wear, The barrel has the Glock 'smiley' and the grips especially on right side of the frame are pretty smooth.

    I have only fired one clip 15 rnds through the gun since i got it and it works fine,
    I have no problem with it being a little more 'used' as i intend on putting alot of rnds through it

    But heres the thing ...I have owned a couple of Glocks two 20's a 17 and curently own a G30 and this G22 and i have seen and handle numerous different Glocks but i have as yet never seen this kinda wear on the inside of the slide on any of them.

    On his G22 on the inside of the frame, On what i would describe as the guide rails, at the part of the rails closest to the barrel lug, there are two relativly deep gouges were the metal has been worn away and left a rough burr on the slide 'rails'.

    Is this a common point of wear on these older more used Glocks?

    I have never seen this before on any pistol i have handled, I have tried to take some pictures but the lighting in he house is pretty bad tonight so i guess i'll wait and post pics tommorrow.

    anyway as i say this is not a complaint, The gun functions fine and im happy with it, but im just curious if anyone else has seen this kind of wear before?

    Thanks -james
  2. bruzer

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    My G22 was born in April 2011 does it count as older? The plating on those "guide rails" has started to flake off and I have taken the dremel with a buffing pad to smooth them up. No damage or wear to the "slide rails" thankfully.
  3. Chipperxd

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    not sure how deep the gouges are but if the gun runs fine, I wouldn't worry about it. Just check it regularly and see if the gouges get any worse.
  4. MEP1000

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    Thats a common deal for Glock pistols, especially on the .40 caliber models. Thats where the slide block hits the slide, they get only so deep and then stay the same. Sounds like nothing to wory about, just keep an eye on them and make sure they aren't getting any bigger over time.

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