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Trying to Decide Between a Lever Action 308, 30-30 & 45-70


Some people give the name "Buster" to their 1895G in .45-70...:rolleyes:
A 44 mag lever gun would be a good one as well. A guy on the Marlin forum was talking about naming his new to him 44 mag lever gun as he was spending much time with her having fun. I suggested naming her double D as in 44 double D. Whole lotta fun right there now.:cool:
Just from my own subjective impression, I'd expect 357 mag in any lever gun to be noticeably less than 243...which in itself in bolt actions have never been a problem . Haven't checked charts lately but would think their terminal ballistcs to be considerably different
From what I can tell, the .357 rifles aren't recommended beyond 100 yards. Since I have only fired a .22 lever action indoors, I have no clue what I am capable of hitting. I'm thinking 100 yards would be quite the challenge for me, though! From hearing others talk, hitting a deer with a lethal aim is no easy task 100+ yards. If any care to elaborate on shooting deer beyond a 100 yards, I'm interested in reading it. BTW, resist bullbubblegumting me. I am old and wise enough not to be taken in by it!
If you’re entertaining the idea of a 45-70, I would check out the Marlin 1895 series. I have been lusting over this one for a while now, just never put together the funds to make the purchase.

Model 1895SBL
Me too Good Sir...me too.
Damn you my friend! That is a sweet looking rifle!
The Marlin 1895 SBL in .45-70 is featured in the movie Wind River.


Jeremy Renner's character uses it to take out some murderous contractors from a distance

and to make a murderer run for his life

I recommend Wind River if you haven't seen it. There's even a scene with Jeremy Renner's character handloading .45-70 ammo.


It's currently available on Netflix.

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A scope or peep sight equipped lever gun in 30-30, 44 mag, 45-70 is more than capable beyond 100 yds. Whatever range you can keep all your shots in a 6” circle will be your effective hunting range. You would be suprised how well you can shoot with a peep with a bit of practice.


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Flymph, I just noticed the recoil energy on a .357 magnum rifle is between 4.5 to 5.7, and shooting .38's is 1.7. So, if I am understanding correctly the recoil energy of a .357 magnum rifle is less than a .243. Anyone, know if this is correct?
I have no idea, but it doesn't sound like much! I know 38spl in a .357mag revolver is pretty easy on the wrist comparatively. 30-30 will definitely have more kick, but that will give you range over the .357mag.
I've also never shot a lever gun in .357, but it's on my short wish list!
Actually, the iconic handgun/lever-gun combo in the 44-40 and 38-40 to a lesser extent, 45 Colt lever guns is a fairly recent thing comparatively.
if they had smokeless powder and magnums it would have been .357mag and .44mag... just sayin' ;)
The Marlin 1895 SBL in .45-70 is featured in the movie Wind River.

View attachment 550275

Jeremy Renner's character uses it to take out some murderous contractors from a distance

and to make a murderer run for his life

I recommend Wind River if you haven't seen it. There's even a scene with Jeremy Renner's character handloading .45-70 ammo.

View attachment 550274

It's currently available on Netflix.
That looks bad@$$


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in ways this kind of choice is similar to recruiting others to make determination whether whether YOU will be better served with an economic 6 cylinder, a small block V8 or the lurking monsterous 454 in your next pick up....
Im not familiar with a lever .308. I assume they don't make them because all of the rounds have points that could set off the round in front of it if stacked in a tube.

That's why .308's are either simi automatic or bolt action that feed from a mag of some kind (fixed or detachable).

The 30-30 was made to stack in a tube of a lever action.

.308 recoil isn't bad for most people.

If your going to get a lever gun for fun, I would suggest a .22lr or .357(so you can shoot .38sp as well). Would be cheaper then a 30-30 for ammo.

If your dear hunting only then buy the 30-30 if you gotta have a lever gun.
Savage model 99,

.308 lever action with 4 round rotating drum internal magazine.
I have all three:

Browning BLR Lightweight SS Takedown


Marlin 336 Youth Model .30-30

Marlin 1895 .45-70

Of the three, the BLR in .308 Winchester is the most useful and versatile, longest range - and probably the most accurate (I have not tried it at a distance - yet). It rivals the .45-70 for power and is lighter. It can be reloaded quicker with an extra mag, but the conventional lever actions can be topped off onesey-twosey. The action is lighter and faster.

So at this point, for a hunting rifle, I prefer the .308. A bit of overkill west of the Cascades for deer, but OTOH it is what I would use for elk. You can always load it down with lower power loads and it has the advantage of spire point bullets (although, as mentioned, Hornady makes pointed lever action ammo for tube fed rifles).

The .30-30 is real handy, and you can reach out to 150-200 yards with it.

The .45-70 is okay for bigger animals, but unless you are hunting dangerous game (bears, etc.) then .308 can still do as much as any .45-70 load


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