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Truck Guns Question

I will be storing two firearms in my 48 Willys Jeep (Full structured insulated aluminum hard top) The first a Star Model B 9mm I have had this pistol almost 35 years it is unbelievably reliable and plenty accurate) This will be stored in a Center console that will be constructed stronger and harder to get into without permission then any small handgun safe I have seen on the market as it will also be where my Radio gear and other valuables will be kept in the vehicle. The second will be a Winchster Model 1894 in 30-30 that was many decades ago cut down to a Trapper length (16.25" barrel) This will be stored in a compartment in the ceiling of the Hard top also very securely not to mention hidden.

What I am curious about is what are peoples thoughts on the amount of ammo I plan on including with them.

For the hand gun which has an 8rd std Mag I plan on adding 4) extra Mags so a total of 40 rds. I would then add a box of 50
For the Carbine which has a magazine that holds 6) rds I would add a 2) boxes of 20 or possibly a bulk box of 50

I will include a clip on holster for the handgun as well as a clip on mag pouch the rifle will most likely have a simple nylon sling attached to it.

Please do not venture off into why the rifle should be an AR an AR won't fit where I have room for it or that I should have some other Handgun the discussion has been made.
I carry 50 round for my hand gun in every vehicle plus a few extra mags and take my pack with me. I would carry 50 for the a rifle also plus an extra 100 in the pack. I normally don’t travel farther then 100 mile in a vehicle if Im going farther I take the motor home and more ammo.
Mark W.
I think your choices in guns are great [Ok maybe a .30 carbine].
But the guns go in and out with me.

Yea two things kept me from going with a M1 Carbine which was actually my first choice. 1. Value a $800+ rifle is just to much for a Truck gun. 2. Its to big. I have only a VERY shallow compartment that I can make into the Tops ceiling and an M1 Carbine is way thicker then a model 1894 Lenght wise its also longer.

Model 1894 1.375" wide x 34" long
M1 Carbine 2.75" wide x 35.75" long I would have to have a compartment almost 3 3/8" deep to store the Carbine Where the Model 1894 will only require 2" big difference when talking about how thick the ceiling is.


How much ammo depends on your daily routine and how far you are from your house and the vast majority of your supplies. I would imagine that it will vary by individual.

For me I have my carry piece with spare mag. That is enough to get me to my Truck where I have a second pistol with three mags and about 50 rounds of extra ammo. Also hidden really soon will either be the AR9 pistol or 300 blk pistol just need to find a way to secure it where it can't be found or accessed.


I’d say bring more than you think you’ll ever need. If you do have to leave the truck and hike home, you can carry some and leave the rest. Might want to give some thought to the best way to carry your gear, and have that in the truck, too. (Backpack, bandolier, trunk-monkey?)

I’m never comfortable leaving firearms in a vehicle. Too easy for the car to be stolen. But if I were setting up something like you’re describing, I’d look into getting a GPS tracking device for the vehicle.



'71 FJ40:

'92 Carbine (44-40) lays flat and secure (and outta sight) on the after-market steel overhead shelf (lined with no-slip mat and velcro straps) above the visors.
Handgun of choice (usually an Uberti Remington 1890) goes in the pouch behind the driver seat. Outta sight, secure, fast handy.

Same caliber for both. Both loaded. Ammo is enough to load each once more.

But then, this ain't for "bug-out", "prepping", trying to impress anybody during a motorist altercation, or shoot-out with the FBI. More along the lines of real-world probabilities: Deer, Coyotes, Bears, etc.

Same guns I pack securely on my other car: A horse.

(Having to shoot the horse is also of a higher probability than the first four scenarios described above.)
I have in my Pickup a AR-7 with three loaded 8 round magazines and a 100 round box of ammo. I would likely be carrying two handguns on my person, both 40's one (M&P40C) would have two 15 round spare magazine and a 13 round one in the gun, the XDS40 would have a 6 & 7 round Magazine plus a bag of 70 rounds of extra Ammo. I have considered adding a Taurus 357, 4" SS . I used to have a AR in there, but the wife kept taking it out. I have some common camping style tools.


I have in my Pickup a AR-7 with three loaded 8 round magazines and a 100 round box of ammo. I would likely be carrying two handguns on my person, both 40's one (M&P40C) would have two 15 round spare magazine and a 13 round one in the gun, the XDS40 would have a 6 & 7 round Magazine plus a bag of 70 rounds of extra Ammo. I have considered adding a Taurus 357, 4" SS . I used to have a AR in there, but the wife kept taking it out. I have some common camping style tools.
"Seven swans a-swimming, Six geese a-laying..."


Watch the gun fight from "open range" and count how many rounds Charlie fires from his rifle. Then double that? Seems like a good enough guess to me.
Or, when the townspeople forgo torches and pitchforks in lieu of pocket pistols, shotguns and derringers and whittle down the bad guy who decided it was a good idea to run across the flat away from town.

......And especially because the chances you will end up in a Hollywood western with Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner are measurably greater than any real situation where even a significantly less amount of ammo might be conceivably used.
I will be storing two firearms in my 48 Willys Jeep...
I'd weigh the odds on this one.

I would discourage "storing" guns in your vehicle. Why not just have a separate bag with guns and ammo you transport with you? A rifle case/bag could easily store a rifle, pistol, and sufficient ammo.

Nationwide, annually, there's probably not 5 incidents where a "truck gun" and significant ammo is relied on for legal self defense. I've maybe read of 2 incidents in my life where someone legally retrieved 1 "truck gun." In decades I've never read of a single incident where a civilian had the need, time, and opportunity and was legally justified in retrieving TWO truck guns.

Conversely, nationwide, there's hundreds of thousands of annual vehicle burglaries and thefts, one of the most common ways thieves get guns is car burglary and theft. This contributes to black market guns, anti-gun headlines, and now growing demands and proposal of "safe storage" laws. IF Oregon passes it, you're looking at $250 fine per gun, which you have to report stolen by law, and I would assume criminal liability if used in a crime.

Silverton is not immune to crime and has roughly average crime versus the US in total, and average car thefts and burglaries, so it's not immune to these things. An old jeep would be easy to steal or burglarize with a crow bar.

I hope you keep your guns in your home or in your possession rather than stored in a vehicle. Playing the odds here, they're overwhelmingly never going to be used as intended and far more likely (by a factor of probably 100,000%) to end up stolen.
I think a "truck gun" other than one used during hunting is just setting oneself up for failure. On-body carry is the best for SD, and the fantasy that somehow "additional firepower" is needed and the EDC is just a means to get to it is just that.....fantasy.

This ain't the movies, and as stated above by @leadcounsel the odds of actually needing it are pretty much zero. But the odds of it getting stolen, lost, damaged or otherwise are real. Keep it in a bag that can be easily moved in and out as needed.

I EDC a G45 with 18 rounds. MAYBE one additional mag if I'm traveling some distance. I have no need to romanticize the idea of running and gunning with multiple mag changes while I fight my way to my vehicle to "unleash the fury". :rolleyes:
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