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    Does anyone have experience with both clubs? For handguns I think I would like Douglas better because they don't have a rapid fire rule and you can shoot targets closer than 25 yards. The rifle range looks about the same to me. Does Douglas have any facilities where you can do action shooting? Douglas would be about 20 minutes further than Tri-County from where I live.
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    Not sure what I am missing in your question. But there is something.

    In order to shoot targets closer in than 25 yards at Tri-County you just need to be action range certified. Simple enough process to go through. Check the website and you will see what I mean. The action range has quite a few bays where you can practice with paper or steel targets (bring your own targets).


    (Don't know about Douglas -- sorry)
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    Douglas has a 1000 yard range. I think Tri-County only goes to 600.
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    DRRC has their dynamic range as well as the silhouette range. Two big thumbs up in my book!
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    If you are only concerned about pistol shooting TCGC has the action bays that are easy enough to get "certified" to use. It is the only place I even bother with a pistol there. Just this morning I drove right in to a bay for some quick testing, there was steel available, set it up real quick, and put a couple mags through. In and out in well under 5 minutes.

    For rifle there is also the action rifle range now which does take a little work to get certified for but is great for moving/shooting rifles and such. I've used it a few times now and it has been pretty nice.

    Douglas Ridge is a nice range and I'm not totally up on all their facilities any more. I do know they have the 1000 yard range but I believe it is only open once a week or something like that. TCGC has the 600 which is open once a week also. Nothing against either range or anyone who uses those ranges but in all honesty, if you're training in long range stuff either one only gets you so much. Its easier to head east with some steel and setup your own range in a safe public area. At least that is how I feel.

    I believe Douglas Ridge is more expensive. For me, I live 25 minutes from Douglas Ridge and almost an hour from TCGC yet I choose to be a member at TCGC simply because it fits my needs better. Why not visit each range and see which one works better for your needs?

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