Traveling with a Suppressor

So I am planning a trip down to Texas this spring to go shooting with friends. Flying with pistols or a rifle I understand the process, no problem. My question comes with the suppressor. Can I carry my suppressor(s) in my carry-on? Honestly do not trust the baggage people. They are an NFA item but are they considered a 'firearm' ? What might be the TSA's attitude to finding them in my carry-on?


Silencers are classified as a firearm.

So it would need to be checked in as if it were a gun.

I’m not a lawyer, I imagine you’d be A OK walking straight through security with it as the goons at the TSA probably haven’t a clue to what it is. However legally speaking it is a firearm, and there are federal laws in place against guns and such when flying. Last thing you’ll want is to get arrested and charged for something like trying to fly with them and not going through the proper channels.

To put it into perspective, last time through security the dog flagged me. I had used the same backpack I regularly use to carry ammo and spent cases to and from the range. Apparently there was enough residual powder or what not on it to cause the need to inspect. That’s just a backpack, I’d imagine they would go bonkers finding a tube of metal that has a ton of powder residue in it, aka they probably would think its a pipe bomb.

There are probably forms you’ll need to fill out too with the ATF.

They made it impossible to travel with guns these days, I don’t even want to think about traveling with NFA items.
Here is a write-up from Silencerco. Here's the TSA guidance for firearms. Since they treat a suppressor as a firearm, the same rules should apply. I've heard different things about leaving the stamp with the item vs having it with you. Unfortunately, asking the TSA will most likely result in getting several different and conflicting answers.


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This comes up with a post from this thread.
I learned something on this. I thought you had to fill out a form for a suppressor as well. Now that I know, I'm not too worried about it being in the car when I travel across some state lines. Some others I guess I'll have to make sure I don't have one in the car when traveling.


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