WTS/WTT WA Tokarev pistol surplus ammo 762x25

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    I've got a couple of spam cans of 7.62x25 Tokarev pistol ammo used mainly for the various Tokarev's and the CZ52 pistol, and a few others like the PPSH41 and PPSH43. There are also AR15 uppers made for this round, which at one point I had considered doing.

    These are 1260 rounds surplus sealed metal tins, and I believe they will attract a magnet due to some metal penetrator core in the round. But they are sealed and I cannot confirm that. I have some loose rounds (which I'll be keeping for my pistol) that do attract a magnet, which are likely the same.

    I'll do $375 per tin, and if you buy two tins you get the cool wood crate for free (I've seen these sold for upwards for twenty bucks). That's less than .30 cents per round.

    If you require more specifics, I am happy to dig it out and provide pictures and details.

    I'll have to dig it out for pictures but here is a REPRESENTATIVE picture of what you'd get. Again, sealed surplus tins in an ammo crate. $375 per tin, buy both and get the free cool crate which is useful for storage or display.

    Primarily looking to sell, but favorable gun/ammo/mags etc. offers will be entertained. No junk please.

    762x25 Tok ammo.jpg
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