To my father

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by salmonriverjohn, Jun 19, 2016.

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    I owe you dad, happy Father's Day . You've been gone for years
    But I still hear your words, you were my very best friend
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    Roger that.
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  3. RicInOR

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    I called my dad today. He's across the country in FLA. As I was sitting in Church, I was reminded just how fortunate I am to be able to do that.

    I do know that many do not have relationships with their fathers. And many are troubled by bad fathers.

    But as for me, today I am grateful.
  4. clearconscience

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    I'll have to say the opposite. I talked to my dad today. I said happy fathers day, However, I could mean it.
    After becoming a father myself I realized how bad of a father my dad was.
    My dad left us with an alcoholic mother.
    Moved across the country then shortly after out of the country. He chose his job over his kids.
    He never came to a sports game. Never was there to give me relationship advice. Didn't help me fix my cars.
    I taught myself to play sports. I figured out how to treat a lady by myself. I taught myself how to fix my car.
    After getting married, my dad never asked about my wife. Only talked about himself. After having my first child, his first grandchild, he saw maybe a handful of times in a few years. He lives 3 hours away.

    But I have to Thank him. He taught me how not to be a father. After learning the hard way what I don't want to be, I know how to be a great dad. To some amazing kids. I would never leave my babies. I love them more than I love myself.

    I feel lucky.
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  5. OutlawHoss

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    There are many incredible Fathers out there, and a Happy Day to them all, they deserve it. As for my Dad, I look forward to the day I can piss on his grave; that is if he's not in prison when he dies.
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