Threaded barrels, help/ideas

Hey guys new to the NWFA great site.

Thanks to Rob we can now shoot silenced.
However im having some trouble finding solid online sites to order threaded barrels.
what im looking for.

Beretta 92a1

SpringField xd 5inch tact .45

looking for good quality barrels to attach a can on.
also would love input on ideal suppressors for these models and good glass 3 dealers in the skagit area.

Any help or previous dealings on this matter would be great.
I got a barrel for my XD from Storm Lake. Their website is a little wonky when ordering. If you don't click in just the right spot it ends up giving you a different option, even though you ARE clicking in the box. I ended up getting the wrong barrel as a result. BUT, they quickly fixed the problem. I am very happy with the barrel which is a .40 to 9mm conversion barrel, it fits very tightly and greatly improves my groups.

Are you planning on two separate cans? Or are you thinking a .45 can for both pistols? I understand with the Beretta's you don't NEED a booster, but you will need one on the XD.

Oh yeah, if you don't have your heart set on the XD for the .45 I know you can get a Lone Wolf threaded barrel for a Glock for about half the money. Something to think about.
Thanks guys!

I was set on the XD because thats what i have ;)

Ill check out both companies.

Ill probably just purchase one can thats dual caliber to fit my 9mm/.45

Now i just need to decide what suppressor to get first, AR, .308, or pistol!!

AHH so many toys now need a testo boost :cool:

Thanks again,
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For your first I'd recommend a .22 can. Best bang for the buck and best suppression. If you're not doing .22, then go with a .45 can for double duty on 9mm and .45. Best two choices IMO, SilencerCo 45 Osprey and Advanced Armament 45 Ti-rant. They run neck and neck for quietest and either does a very good job on 9mm as well. I went with the Osprey.
Using a .30 cal can double duty on .308 and .223 is another good option. But even with a silencer, .223 is loud. On an AR you'll still need hearing protection for the crack from the supersonic bullet. Eventually I'll do an AR but it'll be in 300 Blackout so I can run subsonic or supersonic from the same gun.
I second the .22lr can first motion. I was gonna get a .223 suppressor after my .22lr can, but after shooting a .22lr AR with sub-sonic and super sonic round I've decided against a .223 altogether. I can barely tell the difference between suppressed and un-suppressed when using supersonic ammo. Using sub-sonic ammo (non-suppressed) makes less noise than supersonic ammo suppressed. Understand that a .223 suppressed will take off a LOT more of the muzzle noise than a .22lr, but you still have the ballistic crack and sub sonic .223 (or even .308) ammo is a lot harder to come by than .22lr.
What .30 cal can would you recommend that can fit .223/.308?
Really depends on your budget and what you are looking for in a can. There are many factors to think about; overall suppression, cost, size, weight, materials, durability, type of mount (screw on or fast attach).

Also what type of barrel threading is most common?
Generally .30 cal is 5/8x24, .223 is 1/2x28. I'd stick with those and either use an adapter for a screw on can or a 1/2x28 mount for your .223 and a 5/8x24 mount for your .30 cal for a fast attach.
for the 92 Tornado Tech sells threaded factory barrels (but they appear out of stock for the time being)

Tornado Technologies - Products

or you could send your barrel to them to thread if you dont mind waiting a LOOOONG time for it to get done.
Beretta 92 barrels have always been a fast turn around time because we're running them all the time.
As far as purchasing one, we currently have about 130 Beretta 92 barrels in stock for sale.
+1 on Bar Sto, I've known that guy for years (back when he was out in 29 Palms) would highly recommend that group, kinda sorry to see him move to SD, but I completely understand. You may have to call them, the website is lacking (like most gun mfg websites).

As for suppressors, for rifle, I highly recommend you check out gemtech's stuff, the HVT is a damn quiet suppressor for .308.

Also, the AR suppressed or unsuppressed is just damn loud, most of the noise comes out of the action while the gun is firing. It really tests the idea of "hearing safe", all of the ones I've fired... surefire, AAC etc. All loud. However compared to an unsuppressed AR it's pretty impressive.
My uncle grew up with the elder Barsto gentlemen, they both grew up in Los Angeles together, both are infamous from an article from the 1950's about two teenage boys that mapped the entire Los Angeles sewer and underground system.

moving on, I have a barsto barrel for my Beretta and it needed to be fitted but the threading was done by tornado tech.

I highly recommend just getting a barrel from Tornado Technology, as it is threaded already, guaranteed to be concentric and has a thread protector, and he is local. Just drop into the shop and buy it.

It will have the locking block and everything ready to go.
Tornado Tech is Solid as others have mentioned. I sent my last one to ADCO earlier this year and they turned it around incredibly quickly. They will rethread your factory barrel for most applications.



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