The anti-2A reality check / leftism

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    Leftism does not work.
    Economically, it is a disaster. Socially, it strives to enslave people in government dependence by creating a massive, unsustainable welfare state. It seeks to micromanage business, but only ends up deeply harming the economy. It claims to bring us economic justice, but instead drags us down to a common level of economic misery. It claims to uphold the United States Constitution, but chips away at its ideals to better suit their needs as they see fit. It claims that the Second Amendment is outdated for the masses, yet they protect themselves with hired security details and bodyguards with guns. It claims to be engineers of social justice, but demands municipalities and its citizens to be disarmed in the face of mad men. It claims to be against war, but demands immediate military intervention wherever it perceives injustice, often using drones to kill both enemy and civilian lives with the utmost precision. It claims to champion liberty, but only delivers more government control over and intrusion into our lives. It elevates the state and diminishes the citizen. It claims to be enlightened while it seeks to ruthlessly suppress any opposing opinions. It always claims it will improve our lives, yet it almost always makes them worse. The American people are beginning to see this once again as the pendulum swings back away from leftism.
    Let us hope it is not too late.

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