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    Just wanted to pass on a review of the Tanka Bar and the Tanka Bar Spicy Pepper Blend.

    Here's their website: NANF They are available at REI and other retailers and on their website.

    For those who haven't tried them, the Tanka bars are made from Buffalo and Cranberries and some salt and spices. They are based on a traditional Lakota Pemmican, or Wasna, recipe. They are a 1 oz/28 gram bar and have 7 grams of protein, 2 grams fat, and 7 grams carbs. Looks to be around a 2 year shelf life but not exactly certain. They certainly won't survive that long at my house.

    They're around $3 per bar which is a little expensive compared to high end jerky like Tillamook Country Smoker but not too bad considering the price of other bars.

    These are both very delicious bars. They are moist, have a very nice texture, and are very flavorful. They are a very welcome change from protein or energy bars or other meat products like pepperoni sticks or beef jerky. They are much more satisfying to eat than doughy, pasty energy bars

    The Spicy blend has quite a bite to it. The pepper used to heat it up is a blend of Habanero, Jalapeno, Black, and Red Pepper. Oftentimes "hot" blends are made to the lowest common denominator and are anything but hot. Not these. They have a very nice kick to them. Not enough to make me sweat, but enough to heat up my mouth while I'm eating them.

    I think these are a great addition to my on-the-go foods. These are something you can have in your pocket and easily keep moving while eating.
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    Interesting - I'll have to pick one of these up next time I'm at REI. Thanks for posting the review!

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