Ok all the talk of storing things when SHTF. So where do you store it? I know you want it cool and dry plus if the temp stays the same it would be great. Just trying to get an idea of what people are doing. Trying to think of what would be the best temp and humidity plus how it all factors in to what you have stored.
I was thinking about building a storage room in my garage built out of a double layer of cinder blocks large enough to store 6 to 12 months of freeze dried food. The concrete floor of the garage and the cinder blocks should lower the temp on hot days and stabilize the humidity.( Maybe?)
Don't worry too much about where you store it as much as HOW you store it. Make sure it's SEALED and sealed TIGHT. Keep it out of the elements (rain, sun, snow, ect.) and in a container that a rat can't chew into.

Reseal all containers from the paper bags to plastic, suck out the air and seal. Even normal humidity will corrode your food storage. People have even complained of ruining coal in the normal manufacture bags from just water in the reseal in plastic!

Mylar buckets are BPA like the #10 cans and a rat would try to find an easier meal than to chew through one.

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