WTS OR Springfield M1 Garand

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    Springfield M1 Garand. Purchased from CMP as a barreled receiver and assembled as a complete rifle. Not a collector type rifle, but a shooter. Barrel throat erosion is less than 2 on the gauge and muzzle erosion is less than 1 as shown in the pictures. Barrel date is 4-45. Headspace is correct as checked with Forster headspace gauges. Six digit serial number 818XXX. Buyers choice of reproduction WWII leather sling or GI web sling. Includes 48 rounds of HXP ammuniton on en-bloc clips in bandolier. Buyer pays transfer fees. $850. 818XXX Garand 083.JPG 818XXX Garand 084.JPG 818XXX Garand 085.JPG 818XXX Garand 086.JPG 818XXX Garand 088.JPG 818XXX Garand 089.JPG 818XXX Garand 090.JPG 818XXX Garand 081.JPG 818XXX Garand 082.JPG 818XXX Garand 083.JPG 014.JPG 015.JPG
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