Sportsmans Warehouse on 82nd - AMMO and primers today.

Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by lcb97269, Jun 19, 2013.

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    They had a lot of ammo (including CCI 100 rnd minimag $8 and Stingers $7) come in along with primers for around $35/k. I picked up a box of Rem 7 1/2 for $35, or $15-20 less than they are being sold for here. Didn't really need them but wanted to give them a try with my XP 100 7BR. Those who bought high recently to try to sell for higher are going to get stuck in the near future by those who have patience.
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    Just a heads-up: as of 10am, they only had a few boxes of mini-mags left. I think every person that I saw was buying them. They did have about 20 boxes of magtech .45 @ 22.99. Also some pmc bronze .45 FMJ (not sure on price). 180rds of fiocchi .308 for $200 w ammo can. Some .223 (didn't get a price). No 5.56. Only 9mm left was JHP. Still a bunch of primers left, at least 10 boxes each size.

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