South beach (Newport) Jetty fishing next weekend

Discussion in 'Northwest Fishing' started by sapper77, Jun 4, 2013.

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    I've fished the jetty quite a few years ago. Any tips or tricks you could give would be greatly appreciated. Certain baits that work good for the lings? Lastly, do people really catch Halibut off of the jetty? I've heard stories but never confirmed.
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    Look on the web for the Solunar Tables.
    It really works and you will catch more fish using it.
    You want a dark moon and an early morning incoming tide for surf fishing.
    The fish will not have fed during a moonless night and will be feeding more aggressively on the incoming tide.

    Solunar Theory

    Starting in 1926, John Alden Knight studied which factors may influence behavior of fresh or saltwater fish that caused them to be periodically more active.

    Initially, Knight evaluated 33 different factors. Over time he realized that among them the influence of Sun and Moon (and secondarily tides) where - by far - the most important ones. From that research, this avid and curious fly fisherman created his Solunar Theory (Sol = sun, Lunar = moon).

    Eventually Knight discovered that, over the course of a day, the times when the Moon is passing over a given location (Moon Up) or is passing the same meridian but on opposite side of Earth with respect to its observer (Moon Down) are affecting fish feeding habits the most, and he was able to compute the Major Feeding Periods.

    Then, he realized that there were also other periods during the day, called Minor Feeding Periods, when the fish is actively feeding.

    In fact, both Moon and Sun positions should be taken into account to calculate the Major and Minor Feeding Periods for a day. So, during the course of a month, certain days are better than others because the action of sun and moon are working together, while in other days they are challenging each other and therefore have less impact on fish willingness to feed.

    Based on these observation, Knight was also able to find a way to predict which days in a month are potentially the best fishing days.
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    I think you can catch about anything off that Jetty depending on the time of the year. Bout 30 years ago I hooked something that kicked once then simply pulled till my rod broke. Im guessing sealion but Orca pass though there from time to time and I have seen dolphin on the beach side before.
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    Rockfish, crab and an occasional salmon is all you gonna get off the jetty. All depth halibut is open tomorrow thru Saturday but your not going to get one off the jetty. Clamming has also been pretty good here if you can find a good minus tide. Good luck and if you can afford it; get a charter boat next month when the tuna come in. My favorite time of year!!!

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