sometime a deal just springs up in an odd place..

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    Beedn looking for a project shotgun to keep at moms place. Something I could get cheap and clean and fix up, make it kinda old school tacticool...
    Made the monthy drive down to winco for more buckets and bulk goods and decided to stop at cabelas to see if by some weird cosmic chance they just maybe might have some small pistol primers..
    Alas they did not.. not really surpizing right? Many barron shelfs that once stood so full and stocked with high prices now empty and so lonely.
    Watched a guy laying out hundreds for reloading equipment. . Only to find out there were no primers.. no powder.. no.. well, he has a press anyway!

    Over to the " gun library" I went..
    And there it was! A fully functional albet dirty, mossberg 500.
    And they only wanted $89.00 for it!
    Just had to do it.

    Will use another barrel for the build up as it would be a shame to cut this one with a replaceable choke and good for 3 inch loads..

    Good thing I have one.

    So will now build another fun toy. Would have never guessed I would hve found it where I did. But happy non the less.

    However... why the heck does it take so long to buy a gun there!! Really!!!! Wow!!

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