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Sold some 5.56mm M855 and some 7.62mm NATO. The gentleman paid me cash for two batches, and asked if I'd take silver bullion for the third. Answer yes. In recent times, I've sold a Smith & Wesson revolver for silver bullion. Also a Colt 1911 for part cash, part silver. Back in the 70's, I sold a Walter PP for US silver coin and a Walther P.38 for silver dollars. Metal for metal.
To each their own.

I have little use for precious metals - they have some industrial uses, but not really any I can exploit. I prefer industrial metals - steel, alum, brass/bronze, solder, especially in some stock form (wire, bar, tube). Silver/gold/platinum as a form of currency is really no different to me than paper or electronic currency - it depends on the value the market, i.e., mostly on what people think it is worth, which fluctuates with more volatility than the dollar. If SHTF so bad that the dollar is almost worthless, precious metal value will drop just like the dollar will. You can't eat gold and you can't use it for anything lead doesn't serve just as well for, and is a lot cheaper. Its value would only return once industry and "civilization" returns.

I will take lead for lead (ammo for ammo) or ammo for guns, or guns for ammo - indeed, I am trying to trade ammo for a rifle right now. I have recently sold ammo so I can upgrade to better ammo (turn FMJ into self-defense ammo, smaller quantity of the latter, but enough for my purposes).



I hope you didn't exchange at the current price? If so, you'd better sell it quick. It's not likely to stay where it is, and it going up from here?

I looked at the prices! It's up over $5.00/ounce that I paid a few years ago. We took a bunch silver coin in, $300.00 + worth,
to Liberty and I thought, what the heck, I'll get some silver.
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