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Snap-on Odd's and Ends Sockets, Ratchets, Wrenches, Etc. Sale/Trade

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Item Classifieds' started by Contract_Pilot, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Contract_Pilot

    Contract_Pilot Vancouver, Washington Active Member

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    Went thru my Go Bag's and Tool Chest.

    My Snap-on Duplicates Already Replaced Them.

    Some of these Sockets do have laser engraving for my tool control otherwise nice shape. Some do not, some I had obtained elsewhere and have light engravings.

    I am upgrading some other tools and will list them when the truck delivers them.

    Some Photos, Want a more detailed photo message me a phone number and I can text it to you.


    Prices Are OBO just going of average eBay prices.

    1/2" Drive:
    SW301 12Pt Shallow 15/16 $12.00 (Laser Marking)
    SW261 12pt Shallow 13/16 $12.00 (Laser Marking)
    Sw241 12pt Shallow 3/4 $12.00 (Laser Marking)

    1/4" Drive Shallow:
    TMM4 6pt 4mm $8.00 (No Owners Marks)
    TMM5 6pt 5mm $8.00 (No Owners Marks)
    TMD6 12pt 3/16 $8.00 (Laser Marking)
    TMD6 12pt 3/16 $5.00 (engraved owners marks old logo locking hole)
    TMD7 12pt 7/32 $8.00 (Laser Marking)
    TM7 6pt 7/32 $5.00 (old logo locking hole)
    TMD9 12pt 9/32 $8.00 (Laser Marking)
    TM9 6 pt 9/32 $8.00 (No Owners Marks)
    MSV9 6 pt 9/32 $5.00 (Engraved Owners Marks Old Logo)
    TMD10 12pt 5/16 $8.00 (Laser Marking)
    TM-10M 6 Point 10mm $5.00 (Scratched Up Old Logo)
    TM11 6 Point 11/32 $8.00 (No Owners Marks old Logo)
    TM11 6 Point 11/32 $8.00 11/32 (No Owners Marks old Logo)
    MV11 12pt 11/32 $5.00 (engraved Owners Marks old Logo)
    MV12 12pt 3/8 $8.00 (No Owners Marks old Logo)
    TMD14 12pt 7/16 $8.00 (No Owners Marks old Logo)
    Cornwell T-0218 9/16 $5.00 (No Owners Marks)

    1/4" Drive Deep:
    STMD8 12pt Deep 1/4 $12.00 (Laser Marking)
    STMD16 12pt Deep 1/2 $12.00 (Laser Marking)
    STM16 6 Point 1/2 Deep 12.00 (No Owners Marks)
    STM16 6 Point 1/2 Deep 12.00 (No Owners Marks)

    3/8 Drive:
    F221 12pt Shallow 11/16 $12.00 (Laser Marking)
    F201 12pt Shallow 5/8 $12.00 (Laser Marking)
    F181 12pt Shallow 9/16 $12.00 (Laser Marking)

    Nearly Complete 1/4 Drive 120STTM Set Shallow/Deep, 6-Point (20pc) (3/16" to 9/16") No Owners Marks
    Missing 5/16 Shallow TM10
    Missing 1/4 Deep STM8
    $162.00 + Ship

    Shipping Costs Will FCM about $3.00 up to 4-5 oz or Priority $7.00

    I do trades also. If Interested best to Send a Text Message to 503-475-3347

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Items I want !!!!!!!!!!!!​

    How I do Trades, (Basic Trading) If you have what I am looking for and You want what I have, Make me a trade offer. If the deal seems fare to me then I will respond you got a deal if I dont like the trade offer I will just say no deal our give a counter offer.

    If there will be any shipping We Both Assume the Shipping FCM with Delivery Confirm to ship out items. We Both Ship The Same Day and Exchange Delivery Confirm/Tracking Numbers!

    Snap-on Soft Grip Ratcheting Screwdriver
    SGDE70 Miniature Screwdriver Set

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    Last edited: May 28, 2016
  2. Contract_Pilot

    Contract_Pilot Vancouver, Washington Active Member

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    Bump Added Items.