Smith & Wesson 629-4 4 in barrel, 44 Mag, Pre-Lock Model, w/Simply Rugged Holster

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    I have for sale a very nice Smith & Wesson 629-4 revolver. It is chambered in .44 Magnum and has a 4 in barrel. The gun is Stainless Steel and in excellent condition. This model is highly desirable, because it does not contain the notorious internal lock that plagues the newer S&W 629 guns. Being that this is a 629-4, it still has all the improvements of the newer models, without the added internal lock of the newest models, like the 629-6, etc. I bought this gun specifically because I wanted a pre-lock model, as the models with the lock have the potential to engage under the heavy stress of the 44 Mag loads.

    The gun has had many add-ons and much nicer than anything you will find out of the box. To start, it has Pachmayr Presentation grips, which are, in my opinion, a necessity for the gun. It takes away all the pain of the recoil that you feel from the exposed metal backstrap. These grips sell for about $35 w/shipping on Midway USA. Also, the gun has an improved trigger. The stock triggers for the S&W 629 are quite gritty, but this one is very clean and crisp.

    Another thing I am selling with this gun, is a Simply Rugged sourdough pancake holster, that was specifically made for this model of gun. This holster is very beautiful and also allows you to utilize the Simply Rugged Chest Pully system, if so desired. I am only selling the holster and you would have to buy the chest pully system separately. However, these holsters are not cheap and the wait time for one is usually a month or so. Rob Leahy is the maker of these holsters and he does an excellent job. The holster is set for a right handed person. I have used the chest pully system while hiking up with my Redhawk up steep mountains, so I can vouch for how effective this holster is for me. THis holster can also be used IWB, amongst other setups, it is very versatile. For this particular holster, I paid $70, including the shipping.

    You can view the Simply Rugged website here and check out what they have to offer:
    Simply Rugged Holsters

    I would prefer to sell the gun with the holster, but I may be willing to negotiate. It would be sad though to pass up such a nice holster with the gun.

    Anyway, I really don't want to sell the gun, but I purchased a Ruger Redhawk that I now use as my primary mountain/hiking gun. I do not have money to keep both guns and wanted a gun that can handle the heaviest 44 Mag loads, which the Ruger can. However, the S&W 629-4 is finely crafted , lighter than the Ruger and handles most 44 Mag loads flawlessly. Most likely 340gr +P+ loads should be kept for the Ruger, which is what I carry in Grizzly country.

    I am sad to sell this gun, as the 629-4 model is more desirable than any of the new models. However, due to loss of income with my business and the purchase of my Redhawk, I must sell the gun. This gun will go fast, so, although I am open to offers, I cannot negotiate too much on the price.

    I am willing to sell the gun through a FTF transaction to Oregon residents in the Portland area or The Dalles/Hood River area. I am in Hood River, so I only travel into Portland once or twice a week. If you can travel to, or, are located in Hood River, I'd be happy to meet you here if you want to take a look. Anyone interested in FTF must bring drivers license and other identification would help too. If that bothers you, then it would be best not to purchase the gun through me in a FTF transaction. Cash will be only payment accepted in FTF transaction.

    I also can ship the gun to people out of the area or out of state via FFL. All shipping, insurance and FFL fees will have to be paid by the buyer. I will only accept POSTAL MONEY ORDERS for non-local transactions. Once, I receive the payment I will immediately ship the gun to your FFL via my FFL.

    I would like to sell the entire package for $710, which includes:
    S&W 629-4 no-lock w/improved trigger
    Pachmayr Presentation grips
    Simply Rugged Holster
    Original Box

    I am open to offers, especially for people who prefer to purchase the gun via FFL. It will save me time and gas not to have to do FTF.

    I've included some pictures of the gun, as well as a demonstration of the chest pully system and Simply Rugged holster. Chest Pully system, not included.


    GUN IS SOLD! Holster Still Available..
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