WTS WA SKS's and ammo

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    Got a couple SKS's that need to find a new home. These things seem to be creeping upward in value and will cost another $25-$50 when 594 takes effect, plus the hassle of running to an FFL :angryfire:

    So up first is a couple of later production screw barrel, wood stock, number matching. Ones been bayonet neutered the other will need a bayonet and a screw if your so inclined. Both are in great shape, no rust, nice bluing


    Next up: Russian, early '50's best i can tell. Bolt cover and laminated stock are not original to gun. The rest of the metal parts are number matching. Nice condition, painted black as many of these were.


    Also have the pills for these $5 a box as well as several 30 rd. steel duckbill mags, 20 rd. tapco mags, and a couple different scoped and railed bolt covers

    Only trades im looking for on this stuff are paratrooper models or nasty, crusty, rusty sks's

    Call me for specifics and or pics. 360-280-0759 Kurt

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