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Show your long range bolt guns!

We have a "show your ARs" a "show your AKs" and even a "show your relics" thread. So I figure we need a thread like those to show off your long distance bolt guns. Please include mods and optic specs.

I'll start with mine:

Ruger Precision Rifle in .308 Winchester.
Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50mm with 30mm tube, mil/mil turrets/reticle and illuminated reticle.
Allen bipod, soon to be swapped for something nicer.

What do YOU have? :)

Custom Savage 111: 6.5x55mm, 26" McGowen heavy varmint barrel, McRee G7 chassis, Timney trigger, SWFA SS 3-15 FFP scope. I can normally get about 1.7" - 1.8" at 200yds, but I've done 1" groups at 200 on rare occasions (probably more chance than anything else for those ones).


Also those Magpul AICS pattern mags (at least for long action) absolutely suck. I sent them back and got metal mags. So much better.

The top is a 6mmBR and the only real long range rifle. In light wind conditions I've shot it quite accurately out to 500 yards but with the slow twist barrel the light bullets don't handle the wind well. At 100 yards it will shoot 5 shot groups in the .1s and 2s with custom bullets. Best 5 shot, 5 group agg at 100 yards was about .1850 with 70 grain Sierra MatchKing bullets.
BAT B action 6mmBR
Sightron 8-32X mil-dot scope
BAT rings
Jewell 2oz trigger
McMillian BR stock
Krieger 13.5 twist barrel

The middle rifle is a 100-300 yard 6mmPPC. At short ranges it will out shoot the 6BR but not by much.
BAT SV action 6PPC
Nightforce Competition 15-55X scope with DDR reticle
JJ Industries rings
Jewell 2oz trigger
McMillian BR stock
Krieger 13.5 twist barrel

The bottom rifle is my .20 VarTarg long range sage rat rifle. If you are not familiar with the 20 VT it is a .221 Fireball necked down to a 20 caliber with the shoulders slightly blown out. Longest confirmed sage rat kill was a head shot at 375 yards.
BAT SV action 20VT
Sightron 10-50X scope with the MOA-2 reticle
Harrell's rings
Jewell 1lb trigger
McMillian hunter class BR stock
12 twist Krieger barrel
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    They have a good selection of firearms and ammo - their prices are very good - and the service if exceptional.
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