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He said the men fired about 20 shots at him, one with a .40-caliber handgun with a drum magazine. The other had a 9mm with an extended magazine. These large capacity magazines are illegal.
I find it funny that the commenter made this argument about mag laws (probably scripted) - the effect being just the opposite of what they intended.
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Street criminals are often not very smart.
Looks like the ones drawers were becoming so loaded that he was at risk of losing his pants. Should have stopped and stolen a belt before trying to pull a job... :s0140:

Glad the employee went unharmed and uncharged. :)
Bang up job on newspaper telling the world that the police took the store clerks gun, so he can no longer protect himself.

Expect the wannabe crooks to be back.
"They said we're just going to take your guns until the investigation's done, but I have more..."
Taking the firearm as evidence is standard practice for a criminal investigation. That's why having multiple guns is important.
Taking the firearm as evidence is standard practice for a criminal investigation. That's why having multiple guns is important.
Generally a good idea to have a "throw away" gun; one that functions well, but is not a "Gucci gun" worth $1K+

Many LE orgs do not take good care of evidence guns and they come back in sad shape due to poor storage/handling - they might even get "lost" if they are too nice.

I have a SIG 2022/2340 (has both uppers) that I bought for this purpose - worth around $500 (not including spare mags/upper) - compared to my other SIGs I would not mind (as much) losing it.
In a state that is highly restrictive in regards to firearms and magazines....
Criminals still are using banned / restricted firearms and magazines....who knew ? :rolleyes: :D

Just goes to show....
Firearm and magazine bans and restrictions are only followed , by those who ain't the problem.
Those who choose to ignore firearm and magazine bans / restrictions are generally of two types :
Folks who otherwise ain't a problem...but dislike dumbazz laws....

The first , as noted ain't really a problem other than disregarding a law....yet they are made to take a consequence for others and their actions , by being restricted with what they can own.
The second ....well they are criminals....and criminals break laws...and cause problems for everyone.
Why should those who ain't criminals be forced to accept a law , supposedly aimed at criminals...?
Wait...I know ...because at the end of the ain't about safety or even is however all about control...
Of everything.
It is interesting that these daring do criminals go in with these big bad mags (especially the drum), thinking (I assume) that they are going to "shock and awe" and then are repelled by a shop owner with a legal (I assume?) gun and mag?

There was no mention (yet?) of the shop owner's gun being illegal? So ten round mag? A few shots (maybe all?) and the perps run like cockroaches when the light is turned on. Did the perps even get any shots off?

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