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SBR Registered Ruger 10-22 Receiver ...

Is the new take down version Receiver of the Ruger 10-22 rifle the same as a normal regular Ruger 10-22 Receiver? Or are they greatly different? Does anybody make an adapter kit allowing take down barrels with a regular 10-22 Receiver? Inquiring minds wonder.

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That is way cool! Kind of pricey though at $190 but I bet it's quality.
Thank you. That quick release barrel function looks cool. I wonder if they will make a shortened forearm version for 8 inch SBR receivers? That would reduce the taken down configuration LENGTH even more. There seems to be some extra room forward of that neat barrel latching and take down lever.

Remounting my red dot sight directly on the Green Mountain SS HB Bentz Chambered 8 inch 1x9 twist heavy bullet Charger barrel would eliminate any potential point of aim issues. Doable. Optic right on the barrel. Also it would be max cool if they made a side folder version of that stock with a pistol grip.

All Oregon State Laws, US Code Laws And BATFE and NRA Rules Apply.
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I really like the 10/22 but have a hard time wanting to spend $200 in a stamp and also the hassle to sbr it. Always thought one of these would be a great alternative

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