Salmonberry conditions

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    made it up to Salmonberry road Sunday

    Lane 1 looked fairly clean, lots of little debris and casings but nothing major...

    Next up lane 2, its more of a large pullout than a lane but works great for pistols. I didn't take pics because it was being used even when driving out at end of day. Lots of targets and trash that appear to be left behind by others....

    Next up is a tiny little spot on the left that should be signed as closed to shooting. I always see target trash here so it gets used but its unsafe because it doesn't have a backstop and the terrain topography is downhill behind it. The location looks like a road but it quickly ends once you pull in here is a picture:
    there was some large cardboard or trash there you can kinda see if you look closely. here is a link to a map with a waypoint on its exact 45.764229,-123.413387 location: Hillmap - Backcountry Maps for the Obsessed

    Next up is another spot that should be closed. Again, no backstop and the topography goes downhill beyond that. This is a road that quickly dead ends. Some trash left behind but not much lots of shells and casings all over and it looks like some trees purposely shot down and or used for target stands to prop bottles... all illegal along with the no backstop. Here is a map link and some pics Location: 45.7639, -123.4212
    Hillmap - Backcountry Maps for the Obsessed

    these shot trees are on the right as you walk in, the line of fire to do this is back at the road about 100yds or so thru the timber....

    (notice no backstop)

    Next up is lane 3, another small pullout only good for pistols. What a mess, a complete pigsty. lots of trash that others have left behind...

    here is a closer view...

    Next up is lane 4, but better known as the large gravel quarry. I didn't take pics because it was being used, it didn't look too bad but I didn't stop to look closely

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    Good report, Koda. Certainly needs attention. Thanks for letting us know!
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