Run for the Hills flu is coming, no worries Obama will sign Exec, Order against it

OK I know this is not funny but why are these embysols in DC trying to detroy the constitution over a few sandy hook victims when 1,000% more americans are killed each year than sandy hook incident "On average, about 24,000 Americans die each flu season, according to the CDC." and 475% more flu victim so far this year over same time last year "Shah said more than 19,000 flu cases have been reported this year, compared to a little more than 4,000 last year."

Farley: ‘Severe' Strain Of Flu Reaches Epidemic Proportions In New York City « CBS New York

Xoiuld it be that it is not to part of their hidden agenda to combat the FLU
If we ban the flu, then big pharma cannot make all its money on worthless , overpriced and toxic flu shots.. We need the flu! It keeps power and money hungry pharm companies and the politicians they pay off, rich and happy.

Guns, are a threat on the other hand, as they can be eventually used to take away money and power from these same corrupt tyrants.


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