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    How much can be posted before you decide we have a Rule 11 violation (Copyright)

    With none, just a link, many, most? won't follow the link to read the material
    A paragraph or two can make a point and get people to read the linked article.
    How much is too much?

    11. Copying and pasting copyrighted material is prohibited.
    The best example of this are news articles belonging to other websites. If you would like to discuss a particular article, simply include a link to it.
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    Thanks for asking. We'll be clarifying this (and other rules) soon.

    Short Answer:

    Your post with just a link at the bottom is preferred.

    Long Answer:

    We suggest starting with a descriptive title relevant to the topic. Threads with short titles average half the views of those with more descriptive titles. A thread titled "Gee thanks Congressman Smith" isn't going to be nearly as popular as "Congressman Smith votes yes on Oregon SB123 anti-gun legislation". Next write what you'd like to say about it (if anything), then put a link to one or more articles below what you wrote. Threads with links at the top (or just links) don't index well.
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