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Ruger MarkIII Barrel replacement

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by Wheeler44, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Wheeler44

    Wheeler44 SW Washington Member

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    Is it possible for a handy fella to change barrels on a Ruger mark 3? Are ant special tools required?
    Any links to videos or step by step instructions?

    Thanks for looking...Special thanks for tryin'.

  2. bilge pump

    bilge pump Federal Way WA Member

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    From what I have read, replacing just the barrel on a Ruger .22 pistol is a job for a gunsmith. Special tools are required, and possibly a mill. Brownell's sells the action wrench to take the receiver on Mk 1 and 2 Rugers for $159. The price of removed barrels from Clark's custom is enticing, but not cost effective considering the gunsmith work.
  3. nubus

    nubus Guest

    Although it is a registered item, I would just buy a new receiver and barrel.
    They start around $199.00 and come in 4" to 12" lengths in lots of different colors.
    Tactical Solutions sells some pretty nice ones, and they mount with just your fingers.
    What are you trying to achieve with this gun that you want a new barrel on a pretty new gun?
  4. Velzey

    Velzey Estacada, Oregon Gunsmith Gunsmith Bronze Vendor Bronze Supporter

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    Be very careful not to twist the Ruger receiver. It is fairly thin! You clamp the barrel and use a proper fitting action wrench of the receiver. Some bbls are very tight from the factory and require a relief cut into the old bbl just forward or the mating surfaces. Then it will come loose.