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I like the idea of the bolt action, but got it covered already with the lever gun.

I’ve seen a handful 9mm bolt guns, and to me, that’s something I’d totally would buy if available without a gunsmiths hand.


A SBR 77/357 is still a cool thing though. If you SBRd the 44 that would be pretty unique.

@KKG, that is my understanding too on the magazines. Interesting rotary design.

@Reno, wow, those look like fun. An SBRed rig would be very neat-o. :)
Chopping up a Very Nice Rifle into something like that SBR really seems like a Shame.
I suppose we all have our comfort level on such a modification. I, personally, won't do SBRing (and other major modifications) on a classic firearm, such as an older Winchester, etc. I have no issue modifying a modern firearm that they've made many thousands of them and still are cranking them out. And since it is my property, it is to fit my interest. To each their own. :s0155:


I owned a Marlin 1894 in 41 Mag and a Camp Carbine in 45 ACP, but neither one really lit my fire. For the most part I like rifle cartridges in my shoulder arms, even my AR pistol. I believe I'd have been much happier if I was trying to match up with a 44 or 357 using the 77 series Ruger. I'd put a quality compact scope on it and call it good. Putting that scope in detachable rings would be nice as the rifle has integral sights that can serve as backup.
These days I often pack a Model 69 44 Mag. I considered using it from my stand this last deer season and I could easily see myself using a 44 Mag carbine under the same circumstances. The ability to see better in low light through a good piece of glass and the increased energy from the longer carbine barrel are definite pluses.
I've been eyeing a new Hawkeye Hunter in 30-06, I might reconsider and check out the 77/44. I don't mind stainless and synthetic. Don't want to feel too guilty about the mistreatment it might (would) receive.
Oh, liking PCCs and SMGs is, how do I put this, "Too Yate". Though the one and only Camp-45 I, briefly, owned was a dumpster-fire, and it was removed the from the battery ever so fast. Lever-guns chambered in magnum revolver rounds, such a blessing. To each their own. :s0155:


Limiting factor is the rotary mag,,,
Since I'm not into the "Spray and Pray" System of Shooting up as much ammunition as fast as possible, well, I find the Four Round Magazines to be just fine. Personally, I don't believe the Ruger 77 or the 96 was ever intended to be fired that way.

While in the Army I was able (actually, I had to) to fire up Thousands and Thousands of Rounds, in a Single Day, and I no longer have any interest in doing that sort of thing ever again.
@KKG, agreed. This carbine would be for the giggles on the home range and perhaps varmint duty. Five rounds is enough. :s0155:
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The Ruger 77 is my favorite action for bolt guns. They are strong actions and I really like the safety mechanism. Although I think the idea of a 44 or 357 bolt gun is 'cool', I think a fella could get a more versatile rifle caliber in a 77 at a better price point.

Look at some of the Ruger American rifles in 450 bushmaster....already threaded for a suppressor, a good price point, detachable mags.



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