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  1. Northwest Firearms

    Northwest Firearms Pacific Northwest Site Maintenance

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    Roseburg Gun Shop Discussion
  2. coosbaycreep

    coosbaycreep 9 miles South of Roseburg Active Member

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    I've bought at least 5 guns from Roseburg Gun Shop, and a fair amount of ammo and accessories.

    Their customer service ranges from poor to adequate, but they're a lot friendlier to deal with than a lot of gunshops I've been to.

    Their gun prices are usually pretty high. Their ammo prices are generally ridiculous IMO, but considering the size of the community they're in, their selection pretty well makes up for it, and you have to pretty much drive to Salem or Portland to find a shop that's much better overall.
  3. jason97496

    jason97496 Cottage Grove, Oregon Member

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    I was in there yesterday. I talked to two different sales people. Both were very friendly and eager to help.
  4. eddieb

    eddieb Tigard, OR Member

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    High prices, lousy service, what's not to like? :huh:
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  5. jason97496

    jason97496 Cottage Grove, Oregon Member

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    Sorry folks, still not seeing it. I was back in there today looking for a pocket holster. Everytime I turned around I was being offered help. The salesman finally helped me pick the less expensive holster.
  6. pirateer2007

    pirateer2007 Spokane Wa Member

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    SM in Eugene takes my business. Flying cloud and RGS are both shops that mark up firearms far above what they're worth. The service in either is lacking. It seems like they'll talk to you if you're one of the "regulars" or if you look like some yuppy who has a credit card and wants a big gun to compensate for other things. On many occasions I have gone into both with a pocket full of cash only to be treated like I am putting them out by asking questions or asking to see a firearm, even when I was the only customer in the shop! SM is overpriced as well, but there's a large staff of guys who are eager to help. My wife even enjoys going to their shop, even though it's small and cramped and almost always busy. You never feel second rate there, even if you're just looking and not buying.
  7. motoman98

    motoman98 Gresham, OR Active Member

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    Been in there 3 times, this year. Friendly people behind the counter, guns and ammo are retail, folks. I believe they are just trying to make an honest living. Spent several hundred, well worth it. Will go back, their selection is pretty good, excellent for a smaller area.
  8. codeman583

    codeman583 Central OR Member

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    selection is good. pricing is about 30% high.
    $459 for a p22? c'mon $100-125 high

    $329 for a HiPoint Carbine? $50 high

    the prices they are high are just off local shops...

    the salesman are SALESMAN. helpful yes,... eager to make a deal? oh yea. willing to negotiate? Not really...

    average shop. overpriced.
  9. SPU

    SPU Southwest Oregon Old Fart

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    I've been in to RGS a couple times. The woman behind the counter was very helpful and patient as I asked questions and handled a few handguns on both visits with no immediate sale in sight. One of the sales guys was not too friendly. I did ask about a Sig, and they said they would need to research a price. They wrote down my info and said I'd hear from them the next day. I'm still waiting and ended up buying from another shop. They seemed friendly to a couple regular customers, so maybe I need to buy some ammo or something and they might loosen up and cut deals. A lot of used handguns and some rifles and shotguns, too. If there was much new stock I missed it.

    Prices are high from what I saw. Helpfulness was a mixed bag.
  10. Paul Mckibbon

    Paul Mckibbon Roseburg, Oregon, United States New Member

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    I buy accessories there as the prices seem to be good at least when combining with the shipping I would have to pay to order it. The guns are high priced but they have a nice selection. I like to support local business when I can, unfortunately I can't buy firearms for their prices as I can sometimes save well over 100 dollars by buying online. I'll continue buying all my accessories there though.
  11. rufus

    rufus State of Jefferson Well-Known Member

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    One of the better shops IMO.
  12. CLT65

    CLT65 Yamhill County Active Member

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    This is probably too old of a review to be really relevant, but I guess I'll post it anyhow since I've pretty much avoided the place since.

    Many years ago I bought a used rifle there. The owner's son was working the counter and made me a really good price. I was "delayed" in the background check for some reason. He told me they would call when it cleared and to wait to pay until then.

    I called a few days later to verify it had cleared and I could come pick it up. The owner told me on the phone that it had cleared, but he saw the agreed-on price on the paperwork and told me that it wasn't enough and he shouldn't have sold it for that. I thought that was an odd thing to say but brushed it off. When I made it down to pay and pick it up, the owner told me that the agreed-on price was just too cheap, they had conveniently "lost" my 4473, and if I wanted the rifle I would need to pay extra and fill out another 4473.

    I bought it because it was still a good deal and I really wanted it, but it has bugged me ever since. It's just really bad business.
  13. bennybooboo

    bennybooboo Wet Side Member

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    Where do I start...

    Selection: 60% well-used, 40% new firearms; common caliber hunting ammo only (maybe some personal defense, but no match or specialty-type loads) little handloading selection; accessories (holsters, mags, gadgets) are mixed new/used as well. Poor optics selection.

    Prices: As previously stated, RGS is steep. The alternative is to drive for an hour to either Cabela's or Sportsman's Warehouse (gas $) or pay to have items shipped to you (shipping $). Pick your poison...

    Customer Service: They know what items are on the shelf and what's printed on the package. That's it. Don't expect knowledgeable opinions on their products (I'd be shocked if they actually read reviews of the Ruger SR-762 they're trying to push out the door).

    Shop Presentation: Upon entering the customer is greeted by paper targets on the right and milsurp cloths/boots and a broken 1983 Pepsi vending machine on the left... Some rifles are displayed on wall-racks and others laying on countertops. Handguns are displayed on pegboard posts behind the counter. Other products are either hanging on pegboards, stacked on shelves, or stored in large plastic buckets (no, I'm not kidding).

    Online Sales: Questionable. Minimal effort at best. "We do TONS of online sales" they say. Auctionarms.com shows that rgsinc has a few items on auction, only one of which has bids, and most of these auctions have been renewed for months. Product descriptions are not very descriptive and have the content of a 3rd grade book report. And the pictures!!! Firearms appear to have been dropped on a concrete floor. No effort whatsoever to make a product visually appealing.

    Item:12510895 Springfield Armory (Geneseo, IL) Springfield Armory M1A 308 Super Match For Sale at GunAuction.com

    Conclusion: They don't do bad/dirty business at all. However, zero effort has been made to be a successful business.

    If I had known how they treat their products I would never have left them my rifle to sell on consignment (this sealed my fate of being an online-shopper henceforth).