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Remington UMC 1911 (Mfg. 1918) *SPF*

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by elkhunt58, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. elkhunt58

    elkhunt58 Eugene Active Member

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    A widow in my church knows I am a pastor who “likes guns”, so she has asked me to sell this pistol for her. It is a Remington UMC #287, produced in 1918. I have no idea how many 1911’s the Bridgeport factory produced per day during the war effort, but this one might have come off the line on day one, and it comes with fantastic and rare provenance. Included in the purchase is a letter dated March 1926 to the Raritan Arsenal requesting the purchase of the pistol and confirming the soldier’s status. There is a separate delivery slip dated April 1926 that was shipped with the pistol ($25.65 for the pistol, two magazines and two extra firing pins). It was purchased for personal military use by Gustave “Gus” Dopp, it appears he was transitioning out of active service as a (1st Sergeant) into the reserves as a (Captain). Mrs. Gus Dopp gave the pistol to Lee Hammond who in turn gave the pistol to his son Robert Hammond the deceased husband of the widow in my church.

    I am acting as personal representative for the widow and the pistol is in my possession, ready to ship to your FFL. I have had the weapon in my possession for two days, I found it packed in a vintage cedar cigar box, with the documents I have detailed, along with the gun there is a holster stamped “HOYT 1917” and a period web belt these are also included in the sale. If I were the buyer, I’d want the cigar box as well, if not it will stay in my office as a reminder of this wonderful pistol.

    I do not own, nor am I a collector of vintage 1911’s, but I have taken pictures that should confirm anything you need to know (if not please ask). They can be found at this photobucket link Remington 1911-2 pictures by elkhunt58 - Photobucket Beyond the external stampings and roll marks that are clearly visible in my photographs, the following stampings are found internally. On the bottom of the slide “A”, on the port side of the barrel lug “D” on the starboard side of the lug “7” and on the frame internally “T”. I have not disassembled the pistol beyond what is required to remove the slide, so there may be other stampings I am not aware of. I own a number of modern 1911’s and the idiot mark was not my doing, blame a Doughboy under stress! I have not fired the weapon, but it functions as it should. I have not cleaned nor oiled the pistol, other than to wipe prints off for photographs.

    I am not qualified to make any assertions as to the originality of finish or components, nor can I rate % of finish, so proceed based on your own observations, experience and research. There is no surface rust, and very little pitting from past encounters with moisture. The bottom of the trigger guard met the helmet of a Hun (or at least that’s a good story) and as a result it has a little “bow” that can be seen in the photos. Over all, this 1911 is in remarkable shape for her age, worthy of any collection and an investment with a tremendous upside in both value and enjoyment.

    I have priced this sidearm at $6995/OFFER. An “I will take it” confirmed by an email secures the pistol till payment is received. If I am too aggressive in my pricing, please make all counter offers privately via my personal email elkhunt58@gmail.com I am polite, not easily offended and will respond promptly. Payment will need to be in the form of a Certified Bank Check (no pay pal or money orders). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me via email. I hope to post this ad on other forums to maximize exposure (she needs the money), so time stamps on my email account will determine order of consideration. The ad will be removed upon payment, and marked SPF while awaiting payment. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this rather long post. I hope you enjoy the pictures of a wonderful piece of US history. Sold Pend Funds, thanks.



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