Rehersal or After Filming Party?

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    idk....discussing it here and can't really say it was all faked. up until they started crying evil black rifle and changed liasons and ic mid-stream it seemed like a tragedy. Once the claimed weapons used was changed, the claiming that 5.56 rounds all stayed inside tiny child bodies and the amount of rounds the casualties supposedly absorbed.........all leads to some bs. We (you know, me myself and i....actually me and the wife to avoid looking crazy :p) are leaning more towards exploitation of the situation and the "AR" being supposed into the event, possibly because it was intended to be used but wasn't (sometimes they don't quite go where you persuade them too lol) or maybe just because the ptb seen opportunity. But really, neither i nor anyone i know was there or know what went down proof positive. But I do keep an open mind, and try to see all sides of an argument......even those sides some would like to remain unseen.
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