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WTS OR RARE Gerber Auto Knives 06 DMF Covert Emerson

Sad but selling my collection of Gerber autos. Most are new and some have rare scales or markings.

3X Mini Covert Autos, one FDE cerakote (new), two black (one lightly used) Used $90 New $115
1X Covert Auto, black, used $100
2X DMF Autos, one used $110 one new $150
3X 06 Autos, tanto, G10 handles, one used $110, 2 new with custom G10 handles (camo and coyote) $160 ea
4X 06 Autos, drop point. 1 used. 2 with custom camo hard anodized handles $160. One with special forces marking $150 one lightly used $120.
1X Emerson Auto, used $120

Images on craigslist
RARE Gerber Auto Knives 06 DMF Covert Emerson
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