Any reason why Prvi Partizan in .30 Carbine* is no bueno? AIM Surplus is running a sale on said and I could see picking some up.

I've shot some of their .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .30/30 WCF and maybe some others and have had any trouble with their loads. Well, they seem dirtier in .38/.357, but that is no big whoop.

Thanks much.

* This stuff.
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Dunno about there .30 carbine. Have had good fun with there .380, 5.56 & 7.62 though.

There M193 & M80 are our goto rounds for most of the rifles we use actually. Have some of there match grade .308, haven't had a chance to try it out yet though...
Thanks for the note. I'll need to check their 5.56mm because when the weather finally clears, I'll be doing a lot more shooting of said.

No prob.

It's pretty decent. Might be putting some up for sale, as I just got a progressive.

On a similar note, not sure what AIM charges for shipping, but SGammo has it at the same price. A bit less expensive by the case. SG is pretty decent to deal with out of all the various suppliers we've used. They ship UPS, so makes it easy to have it rerouted to a hub if no one will be home (same as several others), but a few will not let you re-route once shipped.
I don't have anything bad to say about PRVI, and nothing but praise for them. Their ammo and brass have always been top quality at a budget price. I've never tried their hunting ammo, but I'm sure it's just as good as any of the cheap federal/winchester/remington stuff, but not as good as any of the more premium hunting ammo out there.
PP SP feeds 100% through all of our USGI M! Carbines. Also M2. Excellent factory SP ammo. Gentle polishing of the feed ramps, lower bolt face rim and both sides of the extractor was required on a couple. Just polish, don't remove. Be sure to have a late mag catch and safety. Good mags with perfect feed lips also required. That is all. :)

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