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308 Winchester
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I’ve decided to unify my 308 brass to 1 headstamp. As a result I am purging the rest. About half of the brass was fired by me or my dad. The other half was range pick ups, and I cannot speak to its history.

Up for grabs I have 750+ pieces of processed 308 brass. This brass was first cleaned using stainless steel media, annealed using my annealeez, resized and decapped, trimmed, deburred, and then cleaned again. The only thing left to do is to removed crimps on a handful of the hornady and FC brass.

You will not see the typical iris from annealing due to the second cleaning. I know I know, the Iris is super sexy, I agree, but the research is showing that annealing prior to resizing gets you the most consistent shoulder bump and I chose function over looks. That being said the brass is super shiny.

108 Hornady/Hornady match $38
49 WIN $17
139 Winchester $48
42 misc $13
289RP $100
133 FC $ 46

$225 takes it all.
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