Problems with Ruger SR-762?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by DP641, Nov 12, 2013.

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    We have been a little quiet here lately, sorry to those interested and waiting.
    Mine has been functioning well (read perfectly) since I got it back.
    I haven't put as many rounds downrange as I'd like, but I don't like to just throw lead at the current prices. (Thanks Mac11 for the ammo lead!)
    I have also been a little busy with events, holidays and such.
    I intend to get out more in the nest weeks and give my SR762 some more exercise, and post my results.

    TOVO, I think they are great rifles, and the problems listed here somewhat isolated. Ruger will make it right IF you get one that "hesitates" at all. I am still very happy I made the decision to get mine. The first "feel" was great, then when I got it back, the rifle felt just as good. Good luck with your decision.
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    Many thanks DP641. I love the idea of this piston driven rifle. I just didn't want all the issues if there are wide spread mag issues. I am sure Ruger will make it right. Looks like my next purchase. Thanks.
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    Not sure if this was mentioned yet, as I didn't review all 6 pages of comments, but mine came steel mags - my hunch is the pmags were causing feeding issues. I believe there was a not in the kit that mentioned that same thing.
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    Sorry to revive such an old thread but I signed up just to join the discussion.

    Shot my SR762 for the second time today and found this forum searching for others having the trouble I've had with it so far. Either Ruger still has some kinks to work out or some uncanny user error has caused me to experience similar results in my first 100+ rounds with this gun.

    SN 34##. Purchased in IN. Came with 3 steel DPMS mags.

    120 rounds through it so far. 100 x PPU 145gr fmj and 20 Lake City 149gr fmj. So far the gun has successfully fired then chambered the next round about 10 times, maybe 12. The gun has fired then destroyed the next round by trying to chamber it sideways 4 times. The rest of the rounds have fired then failed to chamber the next round.

    With the gas setting on 1 it failed to eject spent cases. On 2 & 3 it spits brass to the rear and most often cycles back into battery without catching the next round at all.

    I did clean and lube it good before hitting the range.

    While it was disheartening I am no less impressed with this gun than when I bought it (yet) only because I believe Ruger will stand behind their product. I'll be calling them tomorrow. If they ask me to shoot another 100 rounds and call them in the morning I'll gladly do it and document each shot. In the meantime I'm wondering a few things:
    Do I need to just put more lead down the range to break it in?
    Do large calibre autoloading systems suffer from a rifles version of slackwrist? Should I be pulling the stock into my shoulder to keep (more of) the recoil energy inside the gun?

    All in all I'm still happy with the purchase. Of course it'd be great if every new gun performed flawlessly from the first shot to the last. I usually don't buy a new product until it's been out a while and proven itself; this was a conscientious exception ;) Ruger is a good company and I'm delighted they entered the AR market. I have no doubt they'll stand behind this gun if this isn't an egregious case of user error.

    *edit to add: I spoke with a Ruger rep today. Very nice conversation. She said my gun with the DPMS mags should be performing better than I've experienced so far. I let her know I was calling just to discuss the failures and get their feedback. She basically suggested I clean it again and scrub the internals with a green scrubby sponge, grease it up good and grease the mag followers and give it one more day at the range but if I preferred to go ahead and send it in they would rma it no questions asked. She also suggested firing 168gr instead of the 145/149 I've been shooting. Call me hardheaded but I think this gun ought to be performing fine with the Lake City brand I've been shooting in several other calibers for years. The prevailing message from Ruger though is "we will make it right, no matter what"

    So I'll be discharging at least another 50-100 rounds before asking them to take it in for evaluation/repair.
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    So much for "at least another 50-100 rounds"

    Shot 20 more rounds today. 3 different brands: the same LC 149gr NATO spec I shot before, some PMC Bronze 147gr and some Hornady Match 168gr.

    The gun performed fine with the Hornady in gas position 3.

    The gun performed worse than before with the NATO spec ammo, tried in every gas position again.

    Position 1 still won't eject empty brass. Positions 2 and 3 and the carrier just isn't coming back far enough. The only ammo that would blow it back far enough to load the next round was the Hornady and only in pos 3. The other two did not once load the next round and several times didn't even blow the bcg back far enough to recharge the hammer causing the bolt to catch on the hammer mid cycle.

    In other news I sighted in some new backups on my SR556 and was hitting my 1/2" bullseye from 50yds so that felt good :)

    No faith lost in Ruger but yeah if anyone is on the fence I'm gonna offer my 2 cents that this gun has not yet been perfected. Maybe I just got one of the lemons. Yes it seems to work fine with 168gr match ammo.. If Ruger had disclaimed that it only works with 168gr and will not function with NATO spec ammo I would have not considered this gun for a second, and I don't think Ruger intended to build a .308 caliber rifle that won't function with military spec ammo.
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    Yup! I was very disappointed for a rifle at this price point, I found lots of sharp edges and burrs on the feed ramps, it was also biting chunks out of my factory ruger brass.
    it is possible to smooth these edges and massively improve function.
    the quality control was very poor.
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    this is not my pic, but one i grabbed off the internet.. I have a armalite ar-10 carbine. it was feeding as you described.. I sent the whole rifle back to armalite,, they blended out the feed ramps,, but much nicer than this pic.. now shoots flawlessly with any ammo. edit,, do at your own risk..but i have a second armalite ar-10 that i blended out myself with a dremel tool,, then used dremel tool polishing wheels to smooth everything out. so it does not leave marks on the brass. i hav put maybe 300 rounds thru the homebrew blending with no failures so far..

    Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 5.56.52 PM.png
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    The speculation over the last couple years has not been correct. The problem was solved about 2 years ago and it no longer exists. I have shot over 20 of them and all function flawlessly The problem was much bigger than all the guessing that went on. If your rifle has issues send it to Ruger in North Carolina..
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    RUGER SR 762 EJECTION PROBLEM. after removing the mag from my rifle, and pulling back the charging handle 2 times, the ejectors on my bolt, did not grab the loaded round left in the chamber.
    I had in factory new match grade ammo,
    Has any one else had an issue like this.
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    No problems here with mine. No FTF, no FTE, no FTL. Firearm runs flawlessly and I've shot at least 5 different brands & 3 bullet weights running from 145 to 168 gr. with regulator set at position 2 for all loads.
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    How did you initially charge/load the rifle? Did you hit the bolt release to let it fly forward or did you ride the bolt forward with the charging handle a bit?. and how did you then try to remove the case those two subsequent times?. by doing the same thing?

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